In Cloudflare introduced its first product for the decentralized distribution of the content

The American content delivery network Cloudflare has launched a decentralized channel IPFS Gateway which works through peer-to-peer hypermedia communication Protocol IPFS and gives users access to 5 billion pieces of content in its file system without installing and running special software, and regardless of the status of the server on which they are stored. In addition to access to existing information to Cloudflare users also offer to build and place on IPFS sites and get free SSL certificates.

IPFS Gateway was the first product created in the framework of the project Distributed Web Gateway that combines all the company’s efforts to introduce the technology of the distributed registry. It is expected to provide support to many more reliable web apps with high level of security. However, the company warned that because of the peculiarities of peer-to-peer system can appear unacceptable content, which Cloudflare won’t be able to edit or delete.

Recall that a year ago, Cloudflare has tightened measures against the hidden mining of cryptocurrencies and suspected mining Monero ceased to serve a torrent site ProxyBunker. Moreover, the attackers also used the CloudFlare service for the implementation of the scheme of mining crypto currency on the cloud servers of the company-manufacturer of Tesla, located in data-centers of Amazon.


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