At the theatre festival in London will show a play about the founder of the Silk Road

In the beginning of 2018 theatre group Shrapnel Theatre will present “black Comedy for bitcoin-generation”, dedicated to the founder of the dark web site Silk Road Ross Ulbricht (Ross Ulbricht), theater festival VAULT-2018 in London.

Drama written in 2014 and tells the story of a man faced with the power of cryptocurrency and sentenced to serving two life sentences in prison.

The staging of playwright Alex Oates (Alex Oates) will be financed by donations in bitcoins made through the project website and on the crowdfunding resources such as Kickstarter. Including funds requested and the visitors of the forums Silk Road. An anonymous user donated on the staging of 2 bitcoin, but the team decided not to spend.

Before you hear about Silk Road, the play’s author was not interested in the cryptocurrency, but after exploring the website and the judgment of its Creator decided that there is a story you can tell in the theater. For external picture of the drug trade, “banned” the Internet and the mysterious cryptocurrency he saw morality. Ulbricht never sold and didn’t buy drugs, but opened himself up to very high risks.

The main role in the play will play well-known for his roles in the films by British actor James Baxter (James Baxter). His hero, a working guy from the North East of England Bruce blackmar (Bruce Blakemore), lives with his grandmother and into the world of pirates, the dark web, the drug and trial.

Recall that after the closure of Silk Road and arrest of Ulbricht in autumn 2013 in the Internet appeared the new website Silk Road 2.0. A year later he was also blocked, and its Creator arrested. Ulbricht refuses to admit his guilt and says he was framed. And intelligence personnel who participated in the investigation into Silk Road, is accused of fraud and embezzlement.

However, in early October the U.S. Supreme court has recognized $48 million received from the sale of 144 thousand bitcoins, raised with the help of Silk Road, legally owned by the US government. Ross Ulbricht refused claims for the return of these funds.


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