Mining-pool F2Pool out of the agreement, the hard forks of bitcoin

One of the five world leaders of mining F2Pool refuses to support the new York agreement (SegWit2x), which provides for the increase of block size to 2Mb.

In his comments to the publication CoinDesk, the Creator of the exchange Wang Chun (Chun Wang) saidthat it did not support fork SegWit2x.

Later, he announced in Twitter that warned earlier about the temporary change.

«I never went back on their word. I long ago told Cihan Wu (co-founder of Bitmain) that I will support SegWit2x only until July. It’s September,» said Wang Chun.

Representatives of the working group has not commented on the message of Wang Chun.

«We broadly supported the new York agreement. We responsibly support the scaling of bitcoin and hope that the second part of the agreement, assuming hardwork will be fulfilled,» — said the Executive Director of the pool BTCC Bobby Lee.

The head of Bitfury , Valery Vavilov , has also expressed support SegWit2x:

«The initial agreement SegWit2x not changed,» he said.

Recall that in may F2Pool signed the agreement in new York. According share F2Pool in General hestate network now stands at 9.2 percent, making it the fifth largest mining pool in the world.


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