Kaleido, ConsenSys and AWS have created the decision to accelerate the introduction of blockchain projects in the companies

Blockchain platform Kaleido, startup ConsenSys and Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched the first comprehensive enterprise platform Blockchain Business Cloud platform Kaleido Marketplace for services in the format of “plug-and-play” integration and accelerate the introduction of blockchain projects. New opportunities are open for free testing Кaleido.io.

It is reported that the use of Kaleido Marketplace allows 80% to reduce the amount of code to create a new blockchain project. For example, in one click, customers can use built-in AWS tools for integration, HD wallets, ID registers and products such as Chainlink oracles to smart contracts, Viant for supply chain management, OpenLaw and Clause.io for contracts in real time, etc.

Chapter Kaleido Steve Cerveny (Steve Cerveny) believes that the development of blockchain solutions associated with the technology accounts for about 10% of the effort and other resources go to other software, information and infrastructure components. Since the launch of Kaleido, in may this year on the platform Blockchain Business Cloud created over 1 thousand blockchain networks, and the new features will allow not only to develop a complete solution, but take it to the stage of actual production.

In addition to the marketplace in Kaleido also announced an affiliate program to attract new ecosystem providers ‘ solutions.

Recall that in the spring of this year in infrastructure and platforms to cloud web services Amazon Web Services has added the decision to launch blockchain-based networking protocols, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric. For a few minutes to run your own public or private network on Ethereum, and Hyperledger private on Fabric, you need to use AWS Templates templates Blockchain, which creates and configures the AWS resources.


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