General cleaning cost in Briton 7.5 thousand bitcoins


In 2009, James Howells over nominal on your laptop 7.5 thousand bitcoins when the bitcoin is still not popular and the price of bitcoin was not even close to today’s estimate of $10 thousand So today Howells could be $75 million, but the money he hardly ever sees due to his own negligence.

A series of unfortunate events

According to the British newspaper the Guardian, in 2009, James Howells over used Dell laptop on which he nominal a large number of bitcoins. But at the request of his girlfriend, he stopped, as the laptop is constantly noisy, heated and prevent them. A year later, in 2010, he accidentally spilled on his laptop, lemonade, and so I decided to strip the car for parts. And hard drive where still stored bitcoins, went to the table where lay another three years.

This continued until Howells over decided to make it a General cleaning and to get rid of old IT equipment. Of course, he didn’t remember stored on the hard disk bitcoins, but later he said: «you Know that feeling when you have something to throw, and come up with the idea that this might a very bad idea? So, I had this idea».

When he later realized that it was in the trash, he started looking for a backup, or copy, or at least some sort of clue that would give him access to money, but it was too late.

At the time when he threw out the hard drive, 7.5 thousand bitcoins were worth $600 thousand, and by the time the story hit the Newspapers, James Howells over personally sent more than $5 million to the dustbin of British Newport. However, Howells over made every effort to get your money back.

«I talked to one of the employees working there and described my situation. What he decided to help me and drove to the landfill site, where, in his opinion, could be my hard drive. The dump was somewhere in the football field, and I was told that garbage for the last three or four months at a depth of meters,» — he said.

James Howells said that in order to begin the search, even under the condition that he would help the police, would need a team of 15 people in special protective suits. Funding of this search operation Howells could not afford, so he abandoned this idea and created a purse for donations:

At that time representatives of the city Council of Newport urged citizens not to start hunting for treasure, because, firstly, nobody will let them into the territory of a city dump, and secondly, even if someone will find this hard drive, according to the law it should be returned to the owner.

But back to today, where bitcoin has already reached $10 thousand, and therefore, this hard drive is estimated at $75 million, and, as far as we know, is still somewhere in the vast garbage dump of Newport.

«I can either cry or laugh at the situation. Why I’m not with a shovel on the dump in search of its hard drive? Probably because I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll never find,» said Howells over.

Early cryptoanalysis

As told to Howells over, he always believed that bitcoin is the future of money. He knew what the rate of bitcoin will rise because it is the next logical step of the Internet.

«When I first stumbled upon bitcoin, I immediately realized this. We already had Google and Facebook, and they were market leaders. The only thing we missed was the Internet of money,» he said.

In 2013, the Howells over admitted that he was thinking about how to create a website under the domain (www.вернитемоиБиткоины.com), in the hope that maybe someone will find and return the hard drive. After all, if it had not yet found, and the hard drive is still in working condition, then it is the amount that can change the life of any.


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