Cash Bitcoin broke through the $1,000 level

Bitcoin to Cash (BCC-BCH), an alternative cryptocurrency, resulting from hard forks of Bitcoin on 1 August this year, for the first time in history exceeded the level of $1000 Saturday, November 11. At the time of publication, the currency traded at an average of $1143,64 that by 39.28% higher than Friday and 1.81 times higher level Thursday, 9 November.

The main reason for the growth rate, analysts say the uncertainty around the next hard forks to the main Bitcoin network — despite the formal abolition of the initiators SegWit2X continue to hear statements that hardwork will be held, while technologically more ready to increase the network of Bitcoin Cash is, in the opinion of many experts, it is a viable competitor to Bitcoin in the fight for the title of the main cryptocurrency.

Against the background of rapid growth of Bitcoin Cash continues to decrease the rate of the Bitcoin at the time of publication it was $6385,31, 7.36% below the level of Friday and almost a thousand dollars less than the values that have prevailed throughout the previous week. Also noteworthy is the depreciation of many alithinou — and if quotations against the dollar due to the fact that many of them traded to Bitcoin and the depreciation of the base currency will inevitably impact on their value, the oscillations relative to the rate Bitcoin is clearly caused by increased interest of traders to Bitcoin Cash.


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