BitMEX has added into the listing of futures on EOS

Cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has added to its listing futures contracts for EOS.

«Due to increased productivity and high demand, we’ve added the listing of a futures contract EOS Token / Bitcoin with expiry 29 June 2018», – stated in the blog.

The company also said that in the last month it has greatly improved the performance of the trading engine BitMEX, increasing the total throughput of the platform and reducing the number of answers of type System Overload.

Soon BitMEX plans to publish more detailed information about the growth of the platform and its scaling.

Recall now that criptural is waiting for the launch of the core network EOS. The main problem is the delay of the official launch of the network. It was to be held on June 2, but the company is, “taking a break” until June 6, delayed and the date. The delay had a negative impact on the course of bitcoin.


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