BitMEX explained the situation with the recent outages

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX has explained the reasons for the recent interruptions to your site that occurred January 9.

The message in the blog of January 11, States that «in the course of these incidents, none of the data lost was not, and to prevent the recurrence of similar situations in the future have been put into place a mechanism to ensure additional level of security.»

«We have also identified the root cause, and we are currently working on a permanent solution to prevent recurrence of this situation,» added the exchange.

According to BitMEX, at 02:44 UTC its WebSocket API «experienced performance degradation within one minute, which became the reason for the rejection of 7% of the teams clients.» After that «connections continued to demonstrate a 1% error rate when performing commands until the server was restored at 02:47:00 UTC».

Restarting servers to address issues also could cause a delay of response in certain cases.

After approximately 3 hours there have been two more similar incident at 05:48 UTC and 06:10 UTC, which lasted for 30 seconds each. According to the exchange, at this time, users of the application were rejected by the engine to reduce load. The company, however, said that the need for this action was associated not with the extremely high number of applications, as one would expect, but with the restart of one of the components.

A problem with the BitMEX was seen 2 weeks after 27 Dec marketplace are faced with similar problems.

Earlier BitMEX has been repeatedly criticized for the fact that its engine is faltering in moments of jumps of the volatility in the market, which users often can’t place a potentially lucrative applications or protect existing positions.


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