In Catalonia consider the establishment of a system of voting on the blockchain

After October, the Generalitat of Catalonia approved the draft law on the establishment of a system of electronic voting for citizens at the time of elections abroad, the government of the Autonomous community is exploring the application of this solution to blockchain technology.

According to the Professor the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) Ismael peña-lópez (Ismael Peña-López), it is expected that by 2020 the system will be launched and will be fully available for the participants of the voting. In order to avoid risks at first want to use only for those who voted abroad, then early elections and the third stage, for all citizens. Peña-lópez explains that the use of blockchain technology in Generalitati aroused interest, however, for decision-making are studied and other solutions that can ensure the reliability of the system.

We recall that a year ago the regional government decided on the establishment of a parallel cloud-based economy on the blockchain, as well as think about issuing its own cryptocurrency. In addition, it appeared that some of the expenses for the organization of the referendum on the independence of the authorities covered in bitcoins in order to hide the participation of third parties. And this summer, the ruling party of Spain encouraged the government to use the blockchain to increase the efficiency of public administration.


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