Bitstamp exchange will launch trading pair with Bitcoin Cash in December

The cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has announced that in the first week of December will start to trade Bitcoin Cash, according to CCN.

The company said that customers will be offered three trading pairs: BCH/USD, BCH/BCH and EUR/BTC.

“We’ve added Bitcoin to Cash to meet the requirements of our clients. Because we always try to remain neutral, we didn’t have any fancy excuses, but we wanted to take the time to see how the market has reacted,” said CEO of Bitstamp , Naik Cedric (Nejc Kodrič).

With the appearance of BCH in early August, a cryptocurrency exchanges and payment services took her against the fence. After almost four months Bitcoin Cash confidently is the third largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. As a result, more and more exchanges and services expressed support for the BCH.

Last week this was announced by the team of the popular bitcoin wallet Later on support for Bitcoin Cash announced crypto currency exchange EXMO.

According to Kadrich, BTC and BCH may well coexist on the market and they don’t have to fight each other, even if they support one of the algorithms of mining.

“We see them as different currencies. Ultimately, the market will come to the decision as to examine the relationship between bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash”, — concluded NAK Kodrich.

Earlier, Bitstamp announced a partnership with independent payment processor Masterpayment.


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