The venture capital company Mangrove Capital Partners invested in a platform for eSport DreamTeam

Infrastructural platform and payment system for eSports and video games DreamTeam announced that a leading European venture capital company Mangrove Capital Partners in the portfolio which is more than 100 promising projects, including Wix and Skype, have invested in the project. The volume of investment at the moment is not disclosed.

However, the Council DreamTeam will include Mangrove Capital partner David Woroner (David Waroquier). According to him, in the venture capital company assessed a 17-year experience of the head DreamTeam Alexander Kochanowski in eSports, his deep understanding of the ecosystem and gamers are willing to develop the platform on a global level.

“Besides the fact that the platform will provide millions of gamers stop solution for the creation, development, management and monetization teams, DreamTeam also has the potential to create a de facto payment service for industry of eSports with the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. The combination of an integrated platform for eSports and the ease and transparency of tokens based on smart contracts can make this decision the most powerful and scalable worldwide,” he added.

Recall that DreamTeam has positioned itself as a project which “opens up a market worth $50 billion to hundreds of millions of gamers and thousands of advertisers” and provides a solution “for transactions in the industry of eSports is like PayPal”. Recently, the project completed the first phase of sales of tokens DreamTeam on the basis of the standard Ethereum ERC-20, which attracted 3 971 Ethereum and bitcoin 185, and 18 days starts the second phase. In 2017, Alexander Kokhanovsky and co-founder of DreamTeam Vladimir Panchenko also launched the first global marketplace to trade in-game content DMarket.


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