Morning currency markets show stability

Rates of major cryptocurrencies as of the morning of September 12 show stability and, in some cases, careful growth.

The rate of BTC has stabilized at $4100-4200, despite yesterday’s news about the intention of the Chinese authorities to ban the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. It should be noted that the quotes in pairs: BTC/CNY ceased to show such a sharp break, which was one of the reasons for the decline in the exchange rate on weekends, it can be assumed that the initial panic with the withdrawal of money from the Chinese exchanges in Fiat subsided, which reduced the pressure on the market.

The rate of BTC for the week of September 5-12, data Coinmarketcap

Given that even the news from China are unable to reduce the rate below the support level of $4000, we can hardly expect serious movement down in the coming days. However, it is hardly possible growth rate, as lower-than-expected damage from hurricane “Irma” and a number of other factors have caused a revival in the U.S. market, giving investors and traders an attractive alternative to stock market game.

Apparently, we can also talk about a new level of support for Litecoin (LTC). Going in late August to the level above $60, since this currency did not fall below this value, despite the strong influence of Asian markets.

Course LTC during the week of 5-12 September, data from Coinmarketcap

Litecoin dynamics allows to say that this currency Bitcoin and not Cash, is considered as the main alternative to Bitcoin. At least, with this role she is to cope better.

Course Ethereum has also demonstrated that it is not able to fall below $270, although, objectively, the ban on the holding of the ICO in China and subsequent changes in the schedule of the ICO were more likely to hit it on this currency, because its platform is most often used to issue tokens projects.

Course ETH for the week of September 5-12, data Coinmarketcap

There is also hardly possible strong growth in the next few days — perhaps the rate will grow to $320-330, but factors that could seriously move the course above, is not observed.


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