The network discovered bitcoin transaction in the amount of 199 000 BTC

3 December bitcoin was carried out the transaction in the amount of 66 233 BTC. The two addresses moved 66 452 66 378 BTC BTC. One of the first movement was noticed by the reviewers CryptoPotato.

Note that the address of the recipient divided the amount into portions according 660,33 BTC, 662,52 661,78 BTC and BTC respectively. All these split transactions have been translated into address format bech32.

However, each of the addresses of the recipients, also made a transaction in the amount of 200 BTC to three different addresses. At the moment, last collected at 8000 BTC.

  • 1FUBESNxB2JkyXPc4o9wwoGt158DC9A8dj;
  • 1Jc7vYQHCnmdyhbpcv5o3pYtUbH6Sk139z;
  • 1Gjkd1hwrJxM9h5Sj1W5bfEN6km1qkVCg4.

New browser blocks from the company Blockstream has also allowed the tracking of transactions on the address format bech32.

Each serving of BTC at 660, 661 and 662 BTC BTC were divided into an equal number of transactions for 10 BTC or 100 BTC + BTC 60, 62 or 61 BTC BTC. In the end, fragmented amount again combined on a single address:

  • 1DTmjcZo3MMH9MscHizTLjrUxnvwvSLdf7;
  • 1Djs2VyBVr6MYNcGVaHAr8B3N1mViS5yoo;
  • 13nwifHUz5ZfHuQhk5ETJ4BhmqbuQdvTfp;
  • 1MYv4C4hZ7hC5sbHrPkzvmNoozQgnHKeau.

Each of the above accounts, now contains 8,000 BTC.

It is noteworthy that before to carry out the initial transaction of 66 000 BTC, three received minor translations from addresses «the Bitcoin buy or sell JUBTC.COM».

On request in Google, you can find the entry on the forum published by the user JuBTC 26 Oct.

«We are pleased to announce the launch of jubtc. It’s OTC platform. I am your personal Manager Elva».

Also, the user provided data messenger WeChat, the Chinese and Russian phone numbers. Representatives of the platform refused to comment on the transaction at 199 thousand bitcoins.


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