The creators of Litecoin and Monero launch the web series «the Magic criptography»

Came the first episode of the web series «the Magic cryptography», created by four like-minded people: the developer of Litecoin Charlie Lee (Charlie Lee), the Creator of Monero Ricardo’s Spanie (Riccardo Spagni), CEO of Pixelmatic Samson Mo (Samson Mow) and bitcoin enthusiast Whale Panda.

Each of the represented person has his own animated character – one of the team magic cryptograpy, which are the main characters of the series just like real presenters of the podcast. So, Charlie appears before the audience in the form of a chicken that Ricardo – in the image of a pony, Samson – in the form of a lion, and Whale Panda – surprise! – in the image of the Panda. Fun animated screensaver is preceded by a fairly serious 49 minute story dedicated to the discussion of topical issues of the crypto community. It is expected that the new series will come out once a month.

The first series of «Magic cryptocracy» was well received, receiving a number of positive responses from almost 2.5 million followers on Twitter and nearly 800 hits in the first two hours after the premiere.

The main objective of the project is to raise awareness of the crypto community, discuss pressing issues, and dialogue with enthusiasts blockchain technology. The creators of the program stress that I Express only my subjective opinion and vision, and remind us that only in a dispute and joint discussion the truth is born.

However, you can watch the first series of «Magic cryptograpy» and decide whether to wait for the continuation of the series:


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