Most of the owners of the tokens Huobi has advocated «burning» coins

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has announced the results of the vote regarding the fate of the redeemed token platform HT. 80% users voted for the «burning» of coins.

Informed every quarter Huobi used 20% of the proceeds for the redemption of HT on the open market with a view to their further distribution to the holders of the tokens. As stated in the blog exchanges, Huobi has decided to revise the business model due to numerous requests from users and provided an opportunity for the owners of HT to decide the fate of the coins.

Three days 5 010 user gave 72 079 205 votes (one vote was equal to one HT). A working model of the distribution of tokens preferred for 19.1% of the voting and 80,99% chose the «burning» of tokens.

Within five days after the end of voting team Huobi promised to publish an updated plan for redemption HT.

We will remind, in October, the company Limited Tether «burned» licenzirovanie 500 million U.S. dollars USDT.


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