Billionaire Alan Howard has made a significant bet on the cryptocurrency

The British billionaire, the hedge Fund Manager Alan Howard (Alan Howard) has made a significant investment in the cryptocurrency last year and plans to expand them. This became known from Bloomberg’s own sources.

Co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management company that manages hedge funds with total assets of $9.1 billion, has invested personal funds in cryptocurrency. Partners Howard at Brevan Howard has also invested in digital assets.

He’s already hired an employee to help him manage the “significant” investments in cryptocurrency, and intends to expand the staff. Plans —private investment in the blockchain startups and primary supply of coins (ICO).

The founders of Brevan Howard Asset Management started to invest personal funds in cryptocurrency amid the worst company of the year since its inception in 2003. The flagship hedge Fund suffered losses for the year 2017 in the amount of 5.4% of their funds. This is not a unique situation in the current economic trends in developed markets the lack volatility in the background of stimuli of Central banks makes it difficult to make money hedge funds.

From cryptocurrency assets are gradually added supporters among the large financiers. One of them, the former head of Fortress Investment Group and billionaire investor Mike Novogratz, is launching a cryptocurrency trading Bank. Co-founder of PayPal Peter Thiel (Peter Thiel) has created a venture capital Fund Founders and earned on investments in bitcoin hundreds of millions of dollars.

But 54-year-old Howard to cryptocurrency assets contrasts with the position of such legendary investors like Jim Rogers (Jim Rogers), George Soros (George Soros), Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) or Jack Bogle (Jack Bogle). Their attitude towards cryptocurrencies previously commented Mike Novogratz: “guys over 60” it is difficult to understand that we are in the digital world.


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