A pop-up notice about cookies distributed mining script

Free script used by owners of sites for pop-up notifications on the use of cookies, rasprostranen mining script for mining cryptocurrency, Monero. The script was discovered by an independent expert Willem de Groot (Willem de Groot) on the site of the largest in the Netherlands, supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

After analyzing the JavaScript files of the website, de Groot found the file cookiescript.min.js downloaded from CookieScript.info. The service generates a block of code that users are then implementing in their sites. As it turned out, one of it loaded with the JavaScript file contains the miner Crypto-Loot, allowing mine cryptocurrency Monero users.

It seems that the administrators Cookie Consent, the owners of the domain CookieScript.info became aware of the presence of the miner, as now in the Builder pop-UPS no more of it. However, the service itself is still using the old version of the script containing Crypto-Loot.

Recall, from 26 may 2012 the EU has a law requiring website owners should notify their visitors that the site uses cookies and to obtain their consent to the recording of cookies on your device. From this date, the sites that do not meet the requirements of the law, can be fined £500 000. For the convenience of webmasters in the EU there were free services such as CookieScript.info to quickly integrate the required statutory warning on almost every site.

Last week Willem de Groot found that almost 2500 of the Internet stores are engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies through the browsers of unsuspecting users. These sites run on outdated software, making them vulnerable to hacking. The attackers then use the access resource to add code that uses the CPU and electricity users for mining Monero.



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