The Monero network recorded peak load, similar to a DDoS attack

Yesterday, the Monero network of simultaneously recorded multiple spike of requests for the downloading of the blockchain, mainly from the USA, China, Russia and Germany. This was in Reddit said a member of the team XMR Core Team with the nickname fluffyponyza.

As he explained in the comments, it was about the download of the blockchain (the blockchain.raw), and it’s not like a DDoS attack.

“I can’t imagine what the attack will download the blockchain.raw edge node CDN [content delivery network], but it is definitely possible. Based on the statistics, at the same time, it looks like a lot of Chinese download the blockchain.raw, and they made up,” wrote fluffyponyza.

If you make assumptions, he added, it is similar to the downloading of the blockchain by all nodes of a mining pool or something similar. The file size of the blockchain.raw is about 20 GB, yesterday at the peak has been downloaded almost 13 TB.

Monero price yesterday was $400 per coin, and has now reached a peak of $476,4. Then started to decrease and at the time of writing was trading at $420.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that due to its privacy-enhanced Monero is becoming more popular among users of the dark web. This, in particular, pointed out the head of the Blockchain Intelligence Group Shawn Anstey (Anstey Shone) and Europol annual report IOCTA.

Cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular with cybercriminals working in a hidden mining. At least, that Monero was mined secretly for web servers, Windows, through one of the extensions on Google Chrome and on two sites of the American teleradiosvit CBS.


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