The blockchain will replace your computer sooner than you think

Working with your personal computer, every user at least once met with problems related to data access: users have to transfer files to your mail to work with them to carry the laptop to have access to certain programs or to remember numerous passwords to use third-party device. Of course, for the solution of specific problems are already on the market various services, but they do not solve the key problem of the lack of seamless integration, not providing the work with additional devices. According to Kirill Shilov, co-founder of the service howtotoken, the blockchain can not only consolidate all services into one convenient solution, but will provide users with new opportunities.

Using a virtual machine

In General terms, computers can be divided into three components:

The functionality of the devices.

Data storage;

The use of specialized software to perform tasks.

According to Shilova, virtual machines emulators, the hardware will facilitate access to all three components, and in the future will completely replace the use of personal computers.


Using a computer, each user is limited to the capabilities of the device: to enhance memory, work on more modern graphics card or a faster processor, additional hardware is required and investments. However, working on a virtual machine, each user has access to all updates and programs and can independently choose the necessary one and pay only for their direct use, and not for the right of possession. For comparison, if the purchase programs for personal computer is similar to buying a house, the use of the software through virtual machines — it’s like a hotel room.

Data storage

For storing documents, many users today prefer to use cloud storage services — Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud and Yandex.Disk, among many others. However, most users will use these services selectively, and most of the data still remains on the local computer. When using virtual machines, users have the ability to move all processes into the cloud, and through channels protected by cryptographic means, the access to it is only the user.

Application and

Today, there are countless programs and applications running on different operating systems is video games, programs, content editing and utilities, among other applications. The problem is that each program must be installed on each computer individually, and its version must meet the requirements of the operating system, be it macOS, Windows, Android, Linux. Working in a virtual environment, the user can connect to your computer and use their applications from anywhere in the world, while simultaneously solving the problem of choosing a specific operating system and work within its constraints. Because such programs are system independent, they will not have to reinstall from time to time on various devices, and user-specific settings will be saved automatically.

Blockchain as the operating system

The field of cloud computing, which includes providing convenient network access on demand to such services as servers and storage, databases, network equipment, software, Analytics and much more, evolving with 2006. However, its users still face problems of privacy and security, and the introduction of this technology is a costly process. According to Shilova, innovations such as blockchain network could not only solve existing problems and significantly reduce costs, but also to help in the further development of the industry.

The lack of centralized control

The current cloud-computing-based servers that are managed by different companies. These companies set prices for services that are sometimes 10 times higher than those offered by their decentralized competitors, working with blockchain networks. At the decentralized market, prices are set by demand and is directly dependent on the number of service providers.

Guarantee data access

Centralized providers of cloud computing services may face problem of power interruptions, which threatens a potential loss of funds. So, in 2017, the Amazon cloud service went offline for 4 hours, which resulted in numerous operating problems for hundreds of thousands of sites running with Amazon. Using decentralized network, user data will not be stored on a single server, and multiple nodes all network users who are responsible for maintaining the blockchain.

A higher level of security

The decentralization of the blockchain also ensures a higher level of security of the entire network. Compared to a single data center, such a network would be virtually impossible to crack. Moreover, without a physical location, the blockchain-a chain will not fall at risk factors such as natural disasters. Entrepreneur and author Andrew Medal said:

«Because the blockchain is a decentralized network, distributed among multiple computers located in different places and countries, it may not be vulnerabilities that could lead to hacking».

Is there any ready solution on the blockchain?

However, despite the obvious benefits, companies and private users are not yet ready to move from personal and local computer using a virtual machine, and there are several reasons.

First, many users are stopped by lack of easy access to virtual machines, designed for mass — often the required software is difficult to use, expensive or has a limited capacity.

Second, these centralized service providers like Dropbox, have the first mover advantage and are proven and reliable options, therefore companies are more willing to choose them, despite the fact that the decentralized solution would help users to save money.

Third, decentralized cloud services are in the early stages of development, therefore this market is not yet ready to fully meet the expectations of users.

However, according to research company Gartner, by 2020, the market for public cloud services will reach $411 billion, the highest growth is expected in the field of IaaS — computing infrastructure, where different components of the cloud services such as data storage, operating systems and network resources are provided as pluggable services. That is proof that the industry seeks to move from local computers to the more convenient and modern cloud solutions.

So, one of the largest developers IN the cloud, Salesforce is actively working on product-based blockchain, the introduction of which is planned for late 2018. And the company By the end of 2017 announced its readiness to transfer data storage with cloud services for blockchain and run a public decentralized network with a fully integrated store. At the same time one of the most popular FTP-clients FileZilla, in 2017, has partnered with decentralized data storage Storj. This system allows you to store information in blocks that are encrypted and distributed to «farmers» who play Storj the same role as miners in the Bitcoin network.

The more the market will appear of companies providing decentralized services in the field of cloud services, the faster to develop the sector, and with it we offer services and tools to work with virtual machines. Moreover, the high level of competition will help lower prices and more rapid development of this industry.


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