Nicehash miners returned 60% of bitcoins stolen by hackers

Largest mining marketplace Nicehash subjected to hacker attack in December, returned to the user 60% of about 4700 stolen bitcoins.

After cyberattacks the Slovenian company promised to compensate the miners all lost their funds, and this has been on a monthly basis.

Nicehash was attacked on December 6. Broke down payment system hackers stole bitcoins from the wallets of users. The platform resumed their work two weeks after the attack.

The investigation into this case is still ongoing. The police also cooperates with international organizations.

According to law enforcement, this type of investigation is among the most complex and lengthy. Hackers are usually located abroad and are from different parts of the world using different technologies in order to hide his identity and location.

Recall that Nicehash is a trading platform that connects buyers and sellers of capacity for mining. Customers rent computing power to mine bitcoins. The sellers in turn need to use mining FOR Nicahash and connect your equipment to the servers in the pool.

The company was founded in 2014.


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