In Vienna will Institute for the study of cryptoeconomy

In Austria on the basis of the Vienna University will create a Institute for the study cryptoeconomy. Studying blockchain technology and new digital services the structure will allocate funding in the amount of 8 million euros.

At the presentation of a new research centre, the Minister of science, research and economy Dr. Harald Mahrer (Harald Mahrer) said that under the leadership of Austria in the development of blockchain technology in Europe, its next steps will be to create a “sandbox” for creating business solutions:

Otherwise it will be difficult to compete with.

In the plans of the Austrian government to support reforms in the sphere of regulation of the use of technology, exploring the possibilities of “without taboo in the regulatory sandbox”.

Recall that the Austrian postal service provider, Austrian Post is still added in the summer of this year, the opportunity to purchase bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dash to more than 1 800 branches located across the country. But the intention is to test the cryptocurrency “in the sandbox” also expressed Malta, Bahrain and the Russian Federation.


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