In the Opera browser 50 implemented protection against covert mining of cryptocurrencies

In Opera 50 a protection against covert mining of cryptocurrencies. To prevent this, users must download and install the new version of the browser, and then activate in the settings, ad blocker, or choose the option NoCoin to see ads, but to be protected from cryptogamia.

A list of NoCoin, which includes the scripts used for covert mining of cryptocurrencies, the assurances of developers of the browser will be constantly updated.

“We’re fans of cryptocurrencies, but against the fact that the sites used for mining the users ‘ computers without their consent. Releasing a new Opera 50, we want to start in 2018 with providing users an easy way to regain control over their computers,” — said in a press release, Director of development of the desktop Opera browser Kolondra Christian (Krystian Kolondra).

Recall that the launch of the beta version of the Opera browser 50 with built-in protection from the crypto currency miners company Opera Software said at the end of December. The emergence of new possibilities of protection from cryptogamica appeared on the news about the growth of its popularity. Recently, it was suspected popular streaming services Оpenload, Streamango, Rapidvideo, and OnlineVideoConverter. In addition, previously it was revealed a Google Chrome extension for the reduction of links that is hidden maynila cryptocurrency, and in November, the Dutch information security researcher Willem de Groot found that mining through the browsers of unsuspecting users engaged in nearly 2,500 online stores.


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