In retail outlets Brisbane airport has implemented payments in cryptocurrency

Brisbane airport (BNE) in partnership with Australian startup TravelByBit introduced announced in January the possibility of using the cryptocurrency for payments at kiosks and stores inside its terminals. After two weeks of testing bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies began to take in 30 stores, and, according to the Creator and head TravelbyBit Yeoh Caleb (Caleb Yeoh), this is only the beginning. After the staff training, a new option will become available in other outlets of the airport.

“We are creating a precedent of the use of cryptocurrency in the real world. Bitcoin is ideal while travelling, as difficulties arise with the exchange rate or the risk of credit card fraud”, he said.

Recall that the Swiss company Swissport, which provides airport services and baggage transportation, in cooperation with non-profit organization Olam blockchain launches pilot program for tracking cargo.


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