Hardwork Monero will be held before the scheduled date

Hardrock Monero will be held on September 21, as originally planned, but earlier. The reason for this decision was the increase Hasrat network.

At the meeting, which was held last week, the project developers considered the possibility of changing the number of blocks to prevent premature hard forks. But in the end the decision was made to move it to an earlier date.

Upcoming hardwork makes it mandatory to use the network of the so-called «ring of confidential» transaction (RingCTs). The majority of the users of Monero already use this technology.

RingCTs, first introduced on 10 January 2017, are update ring signatures and provide a higher privacy level transactions. When using payment information can view only participants of the transaction. Technology RingCTs created on the basis of existing functions of the privacy Monero, such as hidden accounts and transactions.

Currently Monero occupies the eighth position in the ranking of the 100 largest cryptocurrency according to Coinmarketcap version. As of 10:04 (Kyiv/Moscow) XMR market cap of $1.57 billion, and the price – $104,11 per coin.


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