Europol called Monero, zcash for and Dash «a serious problem»

Europol says the anonymous cryptocurrency Monero, zcash for and Dash «a serious problem». The reason is that with their help, criminals can better cover their tracks, and this complicates the investigation. In addition, the exchanges on which traded these coins are less likely to cooperate with law enforcement.

«We can see quite obvious and noticeable shift from bitcoin to altcoins, which are able to provide a higher level of privacy. Some of them have the idea of anonymity lies at the heart, for example, Monero. There are also such coins as the Dash that do not have hidden addresses, they have transparent addresses, but they use the process of mixing, which is part of the Protocol,» said an analyst from Europol cybercrime , Jakubczak Jarek (Jarek Jacubchek) in an interview with Business Insider.

In the Service of the Metropolitan police of London in response to the question of what development in kriptonyte bother them the most, called the same three cryptocurrencies.

The problem is that law enforcement agencies are unable to associate these transactions with individuals, which limits their ability to identify suspects, collect evidence of violations and to confiscate the proceeds of crime.

In addition, many of the platforms on which these are traded cryptocurrency actively oppose attempts by law enforcement to obtain the information, said the inspector of the Metropolitan police Service of London, Tim Court (Tim Court).

According to Jakubczak, the active use of altcoins in the criminal world – a sign that criminals are becoming more sophisticated and tech-savvy.

Both experts stressed that not consider the use of cryptocurrency crime, but there are tools that can be used for criminal purposes, and all three cryptocurrencies mentioned above are particularly predisposed.

While Bitcoin remains the most popular cryptocurrency in the underworld. According to co-founder of Analytics company Elliptic Tom Robinson (Tim Court), the vast majority of illegal activities associated with crypto-currencies have in bitcoin because it is easy to exchange, and he has a more developed infrastructure.

That bitcoin is the «gold standard» on the darknet, which is evidenced by the results of the study Recorded Future. As payment accept 100% of sites. Second place in popularity is Litecoin. At the same time, according to the January report is Elliptic, of all bitcoin transactions, only about 1% is used for money laundering.

Recall that Europol has already reported on the rapid growth of private tokens in the criminal world in the fall of 2017. At that time, the Department focused on coins such as Monero, Ethereum and zcash for.

And in January, analysts noted that many of the darknet sites refuse to accept bitcoins and moving to alternative payment methods.


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