CryptoCompare presented commercial API for institutional and retail investors

Popular analytical services CryptoCompare announced the commercial release of a new API, which will complement the existing free version of the product.

The British company says that the new product aims to meet the demand of customers on «commercially scalable and customizable solutions in the field of crypto-currency»data.

Until today CryptoCompare offered only a free «personal» API service providing access to market data. Free product works according to the international license Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 to enable backlinks on provider when using the website or mobile app. It, in particular, comes to 100 thousand API calls every month, more than 20 measurable results, and full historic data for all coins and exchanges.

Commercial product version extends these capabilities and is available in three plans: Commercial, Commercial Pro and Enterprise.

In the description of the new product says that it is aimed at the needs of institutional and retail investors, as well as to third parties, partners and developers, offering greater flexibility. Here, among other things, includes a extended historical data, customizable solution, restrictions on the number of calls, the ability to save or cache data locally for internal purposes, as well as the right to redistributive.

We will remind, in November, the new York investment Fund VanEck in partnership with CryptoCompare presented a number tied to bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital asset price index, which controls its subsidiary, MV Index Solutions (MVIS).

We will remind, in October CryptoCompare the researchers came to the conclusion that the developers 85% of the crypto projects have the opportunity to amend the protocols at their discretion.


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