Chapter Quoine: Next year will be more optimistic for the stock market

The Japanese CEO of FINTECH company and operator crypto-exchange Quoine Mike Kayamori 4 December in an interview with Bloomberg Markets: Asia said that by the end of 2019 bitcoin will «surpass» their record.

At the moment kriptonyte experiencing the effects of a serious recession, but Kamari believes that after the new year, the sentiment of the cryptocurrency market will become more optimistic. However, in his opinion, in the near future, «nothing new will happen, no catalyst,» which could contribute to the growth of the stock market.

According to Kamari, many thought that this winter a «technical bottom» bitcoin will be $ 4,000, but the latter reducing its rate fell even lower.

«If you look at past patterns and where they lead, then I think the bottom is near», he added.

The proof of his prediction, he referred to the pressure experienced by the miners – many of them stop doing their activity, because their income decreased due to depreciation of bitcoin.

«If miners coming out of the case, is still a lot, it means that the balance is close. That is, despite the excess and shortfalls of the market, we can say, near the bottom,» he said.

In addition, according to Kamari, Japanese kriptonyte continues to move away from the January break-in of the crypto currency exchange Coincheck, which was stolen 534 million dollars – regulators again approve new crypto currency exchange listings and tokens.

Moreover, a large part of the Japanese kryptomere complied with the provisions of the orders for business improvement, issued by the Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) after hacking Coincheck to clean up the industry kryptomere from weak links.

Also, according to him, thanks to improvements in aspects such as management, legal compliance, segregation of assets, safe storage in «cold» wallets, and more active participation on the part of industry veterans, the stock market of Japan at the moment is going through a period of «consolidation».

Kamari added that Japan was «the first global economic locomotive» of regulation of cryptocurrencies, and now one of the first drew attention to a new way of raising capital in kriptonyte – placement security-tokens (STO).

FSA is currently working on the regulation of the ICO to protect investors from fraud. In addition, according to informed sources, the Japanese authorities can find ways to prevent the evasion of taxes on profit from cryptocracy.


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