CEO Binance reacted to the situation with scams in LinkedIn

Cryptomathic came up with a new scheme of deception for the social network LinkedIn. They are registered under the guise of employees of kryptomere responsible for the listing, and allegedly offer to place a token for money. The situation took on a menacing scale for exchange Binance: according to its head Canina Zhao, LinkedIn has over 500 employees in the fields, while in fact, LinkedIn was not more than 10 people.

If earlier cryptocurrency scammers actively used Twitter, where on behalf of well-known personalities gathered cryptocurrency users, and now they switched to a social network for professionals, LinkedIn, is extremely popular in the blockchain community.

In the new scheme, the attacker creates a fake profile of an employee of the popular crypto currency exchange, and then begin to go through the blockchain startups with offer to be listed for a fee.

For Binance, the situation has become so widespread that it is said in Twitter he Chanpen CEO Zhao. He said that LinkedIn was more than 500 employees of the trading platform, although in reality in this social network, according to its founder, there are not more than 10 workers of the site.

Most scammers are submitted by the staff of the listing division of Binance. They appeal to developers and members of the blockchain projects with a proposal to facilitate placement of a token in exchange for a fee. Meanwhile, in reality Binance never independently drawn with such requests, and no member of this Department is not registered in LinkedIn.

Zhao also added that all the email addresses Binance workers are digitally signed with PGP.

Additionally, in early November, the fraudsters managed to collect Twitter 6 bitcoins on behalf of Elon musk.


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