BitFury opens office in Japan

Company BitFury c main office in Kiev opens predstavitelstvo in Japan. Tokyo office provider bitcoin and blockchain solutions will lead , Katsunori of Aonuma (Katsunori Aonuma), which the company presents as a veteran of the financial services and technology expert.

Presentation of the project was prosal on FINTECH conference Rakuten.

“Japan is a extraordinary innovative place, important for the development of blockchain technology. We hope to establish here the relationship with customers and to develop products that are necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the companies”, — said the head of the group of Bitfury , Valery Vavilov.

Recall that in Ukraine BitFury helped translate on the blockchain the platform of the Ukrainian System of electronic auction of seized property (SET). Thus was launched the world’s first e-auction on the basis of this technology.


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