The increased difficulty of mining bitcoin has fallen to record lows

The recalculation of difficulty of bitcoin mining, this figure fell by more than 15%, thus suffering the second largest drop in the history of the first cryptocurrencies.

The difficulty of mining is a setting in the blockchain of the network, showing how difficult it is to produce a mathematical calculation for finding the new block, respectively, to obtain a reward. It is affected by, among other things, and Hasrat network, i.e. the total computational power of mining equipment involved in the process of mining cryptocurrency.

With a reduction in falls Hasrat and complexity, and that’s exactly what happened as a result of its regular consumption. While this time reduction was extremely large, reaching as high as 15.13%

As noted by chief analyst XDEX Fernando Ulrich, is the second largest decline, over the history of bitcoin and the largest since November 1, 2011, when the figure fell to 18%.

Reduced complexity of mining was recorded in the previous recalculation on 18 November, and the last time before that it was observed on 15 July.

Note that continued to decline, and Hasrat bitcoin – this index is in downtrend since mid-October. The fall of the prices the situation has only worsened, forcing many miners to turn off the device due to unprofitability of production. From the point of view of the price break-even point indicated is different – someone said about $7000, according to another view, the figure stands at $4500 below which bitcoin is traded around 20 November.

Draws attention the fact that the indicator Hasrat eve fell to 37.7 EH/s – a drop of 39% compared to the same period in 61.9 EH/s, which was recorded at the end of August.

Bitcoin price meanwhile, after falling on Monday on the number of exchanges below $3800, on Tuesday morning showing signs of a slight recovery, rising by Bitfinex to $4075.


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