Moscow school programmers transferred certificates on the blockchain

Moscow school programmers (MSHP), a resident of Technopark, have introduced the technology of the blockchain to publish the graduation certificates. The world’s first case of the transition to smart contracts in the segment of school education. In the opinion of management of the school, so it is possible to solve the problem of fake diploma or its individual parts.

The system consists of the smart contract, Ethereum site to send transactions and check their status, publishing systems inside EduApp (corporate system of School programmers) and page validation certificate on the website.

The advantage of the new system is the fact that unlike paper documents, certificate stored in the network, the Blockchain, in fact, impossible to forge, and to verify the information on them in the public blockchain Ethereum, for example, through the website, or the website of MSHP. It is enough to know the surname, name and patronymic of the graduate address, a smart contract from the website of MSHP and the private key is printed in the original certificate and obtained a graduate in electronic form.

Moscow school of programmers for 16 years provides additional IT education for students 3 – 11 years. From February 2018 to MSHP for the first time in Russia the course on blockchain technology for students in which they will learn not only basic principles but also to learn to solve practical problems using technology, through practice on the basis of the accelerator start-UPS in Technopark.

«We are convinced that in parallel with the implementation of advanced it solutions in education need to develop courses on them and do actively developing region in it closer to the younger generation. It is important that our graduates have become professionals, possessing both fundamental knowledge and advanced applied technologies», – said the Director of the MSHP Sergei Shedov.

Recall that in September the members of the working group of the Economic Council under the President of the Russian Federation proposed in the framework of the objectives of the government programme «Digital economy» to store information about diplomas and work records of the Russians using blockchain technology. At the moment the idea is being discussed with representatives of the Ministry of education and science.


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