Manufacturer of power EOS offers financial incentives for getting votes

One of the producers of blocks in the network EOS offered to holders of the cryptocurrency financial compensation for those that voted for him as a proxy, according to the Finance Magnates.

Manufacturer of power Starteos one of the official authorized nod, having the right to approve transactions in the network EOS – 27 November, wrote in his blog on Medium:

«Delegating the right to vote proxies, you can get a permanent and stable income of EOS».

Starteos himself has not yet commented on sprinkle on his head the accusation that his approach is contrary to the principles of decentralization and democratic blockchain procedures that are supported by EOS.

«Kryptomere came the «winter». How much do you believe in crypto currencies to be their owner? reads post Starteos. But Starteos still with you, our most important and best friends! We will share the profit with you and go through these difficulties together».

Installing Starteos as a proxy, users can choose one of two options – the «stable income» from the «mining» mode or «casual income», in which the tokens will be drawn with the help of «slot machine».

In a post on Medium also has instructions on how to vote for Starteos in the choice of producers units EOS.

According to the article Financial Magnates, charge users for the strengthening of the nodes leads to a severe centralization of the blockchain network EOS. The network members not for the first time become the object of heated debate about decentralization. For example, in November one of the moderators network canceled already confirmed transactions of account allegedly was subjected to a phishing attack.

Technical project Director Dan Larimer in October stated that decentralization is not the purpose of EOS, and last week announced that it plans to create a new token.

«Cryptomount hate it», – he described his idea in a Telegram.


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