Binance Labs invested in the ecosystem for digital content Contentos

Fund and incubator Binance Labs has invested several million dollars in a decentralized global ecosystem for digital content Contentos.

At the moment Contentos one of the first blockchain-platform, open-source that focuses on content distribution. Unlike other similar projects, creating new products and features for the application of the blockchain technology, the team Contentos has already launched three successful product: LiveMe, PhotoGrid and Cheez that’s available to users around the world.

«The idea Contentos arose when I saw the need to
decentralized ecosystem that offered a transparent and fair
the system of monetization of copyright content, and would not have had third-party censorship
or mechanisms for removing content,» – said co-founder and CEO of project MIK Cai.

Commenting on the investment, head of Binance Labs Ella Zhang said:

«We aimed at the identification of real cases of use
blockchain technologies. In the industry of content creation there are a number of problems, and we
see that Contentos gathered the right team with the right resources to them

Through direct investment in projects by entering into partnerships with other players in the industry, and launching an incubation program Binance Labs intends to help startups to realize their ideas and potential of blockchain technology.

Recall that in June Binance announced the launch of a Social Impact Fund with a capital of $1 billion, which will support the development of startups in the space of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.


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