How to understand that you are cryptomonas

How to distinguish a healthy curiosity from addiction, which may seriously hurt your wallet.

About a month ago cryptologist ran a wave of ridicule and malicious jokes. This ironic reaction to the opening of the world’s first rehabilitation centre for treatment cryptanalysist.

Was it an attempt astute leadership of the Scottish hospital to capitalize on fashion trends, or lie for her powerful arguments? Is there such a disease as kleptomania, and what are its symptoms?

To date, no accurate estimates of the number of people who have invested money in digital currency. However, according to experts, the dependence on cryptocurrencies could affect hundreds of millions of people around the world. The high risk inherent in the industry, provides the same adrenaline rush as gambling.

Will the ICO shit? Breaking my wallet? What if I continue to hold cryptocurrency, and the price falls even more?

Chilling questions… hospital, Castle Craig County Publisher, Scotland, believe that kleptomania not only exists, but requires treatment. They developed an appropriate program based on the methods of struggle with a gambling addiction. Therapist Chris Byrne says:

«High risk, constant UPS and downs of the market attracts gamblers».

We are all interested, perhaps even enchanted by the new technology, but how to distinguish a healthy curiosity addictions?

The main symptoms of cryptotanshinone

A little explain that the following signs do not apply to professional capturadora and people who because of their work are required around the clock to monitor the market. We are talking about ordinary investors with a regular job, buying cryptocurrency and diversificarea thus their portfolios.

As the world ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchains have appeared recently, it is difficult to highlight specific features characteristic of this region. However, one thing is clear: in General they repeat the behavior of alcoholics, drug addicts and gamers. If a «slight» passion begins to control your life, pay attention to the following danger signs:

You can’t stop and continue to trade

Although this feature is much easier to see in the case of alcohol and drug addiction, unwillingness to stop is one of the most obvious signs of trouble. The rational part of the brain tells you it is time to call it a day and spend the money to pay the bills instead of the next ICO, however, you continue to refresh the page with the exchange rates of cryptocurrencies.

A typical sign of addiction — buying scriptactive on all of the available money (including borrowed).

Suffer your social life

Have you ever missed a party just because of the fact that it is not alcohol? A couple of such failures does not make a person a alcoholic, but if you reject all the events and holidays because I can not break away from addiction — it’s time to stop and think.

The expectation of «important» pre-sale or Airdrop is hardly a valid reason not to go a party with friends or meet with parents. If you can’t break away from the screen looking at quotes, for example, Cardano, then you definitely developed cryptocurrency dependence.

You experience the break-up

Your spouse finally convinced you to go to the theater, but cryptocurrency is all about than you may think? Unlike alcoholism and drug addiction, dependence on cryptocurrency is not physiological, and psychological addiction. People experiencing anxiety, tension, fear to miss an opportunity. If you can’t spend a couple of hours away from the screen, it’s time to think about treatment.

You begin to hide

Another sign of addiction is the desire to keep their activities secret, whether soprativlenie away bottles of vodka, trying to kill the tobacco smoke air freshener or installing shopping apps on your smartphone. The problem is obvious, if you Wake up in the night to check your portfolio.

You risk more than usual

As the addiction grows and the risk, which is people in the pursuit of adrenaline. This is clearly seen on the example of alcoholics and drug addicts. Cryptogeniinae people behave the same way. They begin to work with the financial lever, open position with the joint account without the knowledge of the partner and constantly increase your bet sizes.

A study conducted in 2016, showed that the brain of a person suffering from addiction is different from the brain of an ordinary person. Gamers often go to unnecessary risk, and convince yourself that everything is fine.

Do you deny addiction

Vehement denial of dependence — the surest sign of its existence. The man who insists to others that may stop at any time, most likely suffering from addiction.


Kleptomania may seem a bad joke, and for most digital currency enthusiasts it does not pose much of a problem. But if you find yourself in any of the situations listed above or begin to adjust their lives to the stock market, stop and think — perhaps it’s time to seek help.


Weiss on the social network Voice: Sorry to see the team EOS wasted spending

Analysts of the rating Agency Weiss continue to follow the development of the cryptocurrency space. This time their attention was attracted by events around the social network Voice, developed by the company Block.One, known for the authorship of the blockchain Protocol EOSIO, the creation of which she has attracted over $4 billion.

Recently, the developers of Voice finally announced the approximate date of the start of public testing of their social networks – it should open on 14 February. The only catch is that Voice will not run on the main blockchain EOS, as promised Block.One during the initial announcement last year. Instead, it will involve «private implementation based on software EOSIO».

«Apparently, Block.One doesn’t even bother decentralization – write Weiss. Not only EOS mired in its own problems of centralization, but their long-awaited app Voice actually turned out to be yet another centralized social network… developed on the blockchain for added excitement».

Indeed, in the section «questions and answers» on the site Voice contains the following observation: «While Voice is in beta version and is in extremely rudimentary, it will use specially designed for this purpose blockchain EOSIO. Over time, we would use the public blockchain EOS and potentially others, to meet the needs of Voice in the context of productivity and management».

At the end of may Block.One reserved RAM 3.3 million EOS in the main blockchain. As suggested by the observers, these resources will be used to ensure the health of the Voice, however, the company operation could not comment.

The CEO of one of the manufacturers of the blocks in the EOS system – the EOS Dublin – Sharif Buchtela claims that he continues to believe in the future of cryptocurrency, despite the uncertain future of the main project Block.One since the launch of the core network. «I don’t see the information about any decision, but if Block.One does not need core network EOS for its applications, there can be serious questions about why and who should use it,» added Buchtela.

Aaron Cox from the company Greymass considers the decision Block.One strategically justified. According to him, competition for resources in the blockchain EOS is quite high, which may limit the capabilities of the application, swinging on the role of Facebook with bloccano the basis of:

«Those who invested in the EOS, because they had heard about Voice are likely to be more than others frustrated about the fact that initially it wouldn’t run in the core network. But I think technicians would agree that this approach is not devoid of meaning».

Weiss analysts, however, have a different opinion:

«The probability that Voice will be able to compete with Facebook zero. It is a pity to look at how they waste collected at the ICO money.»


Argo Blockchain reported a 10-fold increase in income from mining

The income of the British mining company Argo Blockchain from the main areas of activity in 2019 has increased 10 times and amounted to £8.5 million (over $11 million). This is evidenced by the press release of the London stock exchange (LSE) trading shares of the company.

For comparison, in 2018, the income of Argo Blockchain stood at £760 000 ($987 thousand).

The company’s revenues do not correlate with the number of mined bitcoins. Thus, in the third quarter of 2019 Argo Blockchain mined BTC 426 and received income of £3,63 million, and in the fourth, the figures were 432 BTC and £2,66 million, respectively.

The company attributed the decline in quarterly revenue with falling prices of cryptocurrencies, the increasing difficulty of mining and unfavorable exchange rate of foreign currency in this period.

It is expected that the audit provided statements will be held by April.

Currently the company has 13 364 minimovie devices, including 375 6 T17s Antminer from Bitmain. Until the end of the quarter, Argo plans to add another 3 625 s HAS. According to experts, when fully loaded 17,000 devices, the amount of computing power Argo Blockchain exceeds 650 peachesa.

We will remind, in October 2019 Argo Blockchain has doubled the order of new bitcoin miners to 10 000 units to increase mining capacity by 240%.


Unit Cardano will help the authorities of Uzbekistan to develop a regulation for the security-token

Official commercial division Cardano EMURGO Group announced the creation of a «task force on the blockchain» together with the National Agency project management office (NAPA) of Uzbekistan, Kobea Group and Infinity Holdings Blockchain. This is stated in the blog EMURGO.

In partnership EMURGO will help to develop a regulatory framework for proposals licenzirovanie securities (STO) and further trading security tokens in Central Asia.

In addition, EMURGO and Kobea NAPA Group will advise on trade issues digital assets, blockchain-education and banking services.

«Uzbekistan as ever ready to accept innovation. We are pleased to provide consulting services to the government of Uzbekistan, to provide educational and academic services in universities and to support the development of future professionals to build a blockchain infrastructure,» said CEO EMURGO Ken Kodama.

Earlier it became knownthat NAPA will launch a mining pool and a licensed bitcoin exchange.


The stock market and the blockchain: key predictions for 2020


In 2020, cryptosphere will develop in a number of areas, which are based not only in bitcoin, but on the principles that were laid out by Satoshi Nakamoto the basis of the first cryptocurrencies. Interestingly, these principles are gaining increasing popularity outside of cryptodira, and the stock market is becoming the main standard for a new social ethics of humanity. What will bring the 2020 players a crypto-industry — understands the DeCenter.

End of 2019 for the stock market

In 2019, blockchain and crypto-currencies have become the subject of attention of key politicians and representatives of the global elite, and this is a sure sign that the innovation people are talking about, do transformerait human life.

At the end of last year, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) proposed to amend the definition of who is an «accredited investor.» In fact, we are talking about the fact that the securities market want to allow the millions of Americans who previously the regulator did not miss. These changes were a direct consequence of the fact that the SEC felt that the world is changing and more and more people are interested in obtaining financial freedom. For this reason, we are witnessing a change years of entrenched positions of American officials in relation to the stock market.

Cryptocurrencies form a different approach to financial services, and it makes to change the attitude of regulators to the classic models of market behavior. So, in the key EU economy, Germany, legislators from January 1, 2020, provide banks the right to work with cryptocurrencies. In this country the process of development of decentralized energy sources that will put into question the need for a significant amount of Russian oil and natural gas in Europe. Iconic is that the group of ten major oil companies (Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Equinor, ExxonMobil, Hess, Marathon, Noble Energy, Pioneer Natural Resources, Repsol, and Shell) begins to use smart contracts to communicate with each other. This means that those companies which will transfer the process to the blockchain, will be more competitive than their counterparts who either do not do it at all or just limited to declarative statements.

At the same time, a difficult moment in the European Union remains the implementation of the provisions of the Fifth EU Directive on combating money-laundering (AMLD 5), which will come into force on 10 January. The new rules will oblige the platform to register with regulatory authorities to identify their clients and to give to the authorities the addresses of the wallets of users. In this situation, it is interesting that the circulation of cash Euro or dollars or in the EU or in the United States do not impose those requirements which are put forward to cryptomeria and transactions with cryptocurrencies as a whole. However, it looks biased, as the classic cash money becomes the instrument of a criminal action, an order of magnitude more than, for example, bitcoin transactions which is less than 1% of cases are used in transactions of a criminal nature.

And the fact that the Creator of the TRON cryptoprocta Justin San decided to support the famous ecoactivists Greta Thunberg, highlighting her $1 million in funding, reaffirms the increasing role of new technologies in the field of energy and environmental protection. Thus, de facto crypto-industry generates new social and environmental ethics not only of global business, but of all mankind.

The events and trends of the stock market that require attention in 2020

First and foremost, in 2020 cryptologist drew attention to the launch of a national cryptocurrency (CBDC). Thus, according to the ECB, at the end of 2019 on launching CBDC worked with 18 different Banks (CB). In addition to the European Central Bank, involves the Bank of China, Tunisia, Senegal, Sweden, Venezuela, Singapore, Uruguay, Cambodia, Marshall Islands, Thailand, the Bahamas, Curacao and Sint Maarten, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Second significant for the stock market event will be the launch of digital currency from Facebook Libra and Gram from Telegram, despite all the difficulties associated with the increasing regulation of the cryptocurrency industry.

As for the key development trends of the stock market in 2020, we can note the following directions:

Investors will be interested in those cryptoprocta, which focused on the launch platforms to launch decentralized applications (dApps).

Increase the number of spheres, which will involve the blockchain and cryptocurrency. At the same time in the great potential the opportunity to implement smart contracts, I’m sure the owner and well-known crypto-enthusiast John McAfee. And the list of industries, which will involve developments of the crypto-industry is in the tens.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an important part of cryptosphere 2020. In the framework of development of the sphere of DiFi the stock market finds a maturing decentralized trade, digital assets, crypto-currency depositories and staking cryptocurrency (crypto currency exchange Binance analysts make the bold assumption that 2020 will be «the year of staking»), cryptocurrency loans, as well as decentralized markets forecasts. This is stated in the report of the company Messari «Theses for the year 2020».

Decentralized Internet (Web 3.0) is something that will flourish in 2020, simultaneously creating a base for the development of the Internet of things (IoT).

More entry points on the cryptocurrency market will be institutional investors, as indicated by analyst Alistair Milne. This is also evidenced by Meltem Demirors, Director of strategy Coinshares, predicting that in 2020 this capacity will lead to the fact that «more and more companies will meet the wishes of customers to have part of their pension savings were invested in cryptocurrency».

As for cryptoprocta, the first in 2020 cryptologist waiting for the transition to Ethereum 2.0 on the basis of the PoS-algorithm and further development of the blockchain technology second level Lightning Network. And the market finds the emergence of new startups, in particular, focused on increasing the efficiency of the operational interaction between the different blockchains.

Bitcoin in 2020

What will happen to the bitcoin price in 2020? The same John McAfee 14 Dec 2019, confirmed that he is confident in the growth of bitcoin prices up to $1 million before the end of 2020. The fact that bitcoin will have a tendency to grow throughout its existence, obviously. It also draws the attention of the trader on wall street with 40 years of experience, Peter Brandt.

That bitcoin January 2015 is the de facto in a situation of «parabolic move up», and that it will continue in 2020, says the founder of investment company Adamant Capital Tour Demeester. A lot of analysts to build graphics that really confirm a very important point: no fundamental change in the trend in the growth of bitcoin is not for a few years, and there is no reason to believe that this trend will continue in 2020.

Therefore, even if coming in may 2020 halving the Bitcoin network (a reduction of awards to miners for each block with 12.5 to 6.25 BTC) will be a shock to the mining industry, this fact may not change the long-term trend in the growth of the asset price. The only question is how fast will go up bitcoin. Entrepreneur Tim Draper 18 Dec 2019 confirmed his bullish Outlook, which he did on September 13 last year. In his opinion, the first cryptocurrency breaks the level of $250 000 twice in 2020 (likely within six months after halving), and it can happen in late 2022 or early 2023. The growth of Draper associates with the reduction of bitcoins after halving 2020.

Ex-risk analyst at Bear Stearns Tony Weiss believes that bitcoin will go up, but more moderately, and that the figures, for example, a $50,000 bitcoin will reach only in 2023. It is difficult to agree with his maximalist view that the growing role of bitcoin will lead to a significant displacement of altcoins with a market, as also said in its forecast for 2020, the head of the Ripple brad Garlinghouse.

It is theoretically possible to imagine that in 2020, as predicted by Weiss, the dominant figure of bitcoin will rise to 85%, but this situation is not static: it all depends on the credibility of the marketing teams of various cryptocurrency projects. And even the probability that in the end, bitcoin may lose its leadership, cannot be considered to be zero. One thing is certain: the principles on the basis of which operates the oldest cryptocurrency, will increasingly gain popularity in the world.

Commenting on the growth projections of the price of bitcoin, the founder of the company BKCM Brian Kelly pointed out that a strong reduction in price of the cryptocurrency has happened four times since 2013. However, in General, the movement of the first cryptocurrency is in a «channel» which is reminiscent of the escalator connecting one floor with another, that is, shows the rise. And he is confident that in the end the upper bound of the corridor in 2020 is at the level of $250 000, what he is talking about and Tim Draper. Kelly believes that in the next two years, capitalization of bitcoin will be about half the cost of the entire product of gold in the world, and this is just talking about reaching a high bitcoin price indicators.

The analyst also noted that «the growth of bitcoin from a few cents to its current price is an impressive achievement, but it is normal market movement for this asset. Moreover, it confirms that bitcoin has proved its viability». Kelly also drew attention to the fact that fluctuations within the upward channels allow traders to earn income several times 100%, which is «pretty good.»

Tom Lee, who for many years was the largest U.S. Bank JPMorgan on the position of the head of Department on trade in securities, also believes in the growth of bitcoin prices, and that «2020 will be for cryptocurrency the best year than 2019». And it is very difficult not to agree: as noted by entrepreneur Josh Miller, «crypto-currencies can definitely be of great benefit to the global economy and for humanity in General.»


Acne Buterin allowed the addition of blockchain Ethereum Classic as a separate shard in Ethereum 2.0

The Ethereum blockchain Classic can be added as a separate shard in Ethereum 2.0, says project founder Vitalik Buterin.

«Technically, it is quite possible, – he said in the discussion on Reddit. – You can use the same merging process to import state ETC that you plan to use to ETH, and then the runtime code ETC will set the exchange rate relative to the ETH in Beacon Chain on the basis of the exchange rate at the time of the merger or any other pre-established formula».

Under the shards in Ethereum 2.0 refers to a separate circuit supported its own cluster node and linked to the basic beacon circuit (Beacon Chain). It is hoped that these shards will allow you to implement different sets of rules to create a satisfying user needs runtime or copy the mechanisms of functioning of other blockchains such as bitcoin blockchain.

Earlier, the developers of Ethereum Classic decided to take a course of rapprochement with Ethereum and spent a few hard forks designed to introduce into their code-base changes, which were implemented in Ethereum in the earlier stages. With the transition to Ethereum Proof-of-Stake, however, Ethereum Classic, which the developers say they are not going to abandon the mechanism of Proof-of-Work, may lose this aspect of our positioning as an effective alternative to PoW-chain. Thus, an additional tool for translation ETC ETH will probably be of interest to holders of the cryptocurrency.

«Another question is whether they want this community members,» adds Buterin.

Ethereum Classic last week rose more than twice and temporarily overcame the level of $11, which allowed him to enter the top ten largest crypto-assets. At the time of publication, bitcoin is trading at $8,50.


Chanpen Zhao: Chainalysis was not supposed to publish information about money laundering through Binance

Previously, the company Chainalysis gave evidence that OTC services are known kryptomere was involved in laundering criminal money.

For example, according to the company, more than half of the criminal money that pass through such services falls on Binance and Huobi.

CEO Binance Chanpen Zhao responded to the allegations Chainalysis the following words:

«The company Chainalysis receives money from exchanges for data analysis. Another thing, if they had not received the money, and the data would be publicly available. We also pay the money – apparently, in their view, is not enough. This is poor business etiquette.»

The company Chainalysis argues that the goal of their research was to shed light on the illegal activities of corrupt OTC brokers, and that they did not intend thereby to hurt his old partner.

In his blog Chainalysis wrote:

«Our research revealed a network of corrupt brokers in the OTC and was not focused on Binance, our long-time partner. We strongly support such market leaders as Binance who use our data to improve kriptonyte for all».


Financial regulator of Australia approved start-up Fund for retail bitcoin investors

FINTECH-startup Raiz received the permission of the Australian Commission of securities and investments (ASIC) to launch investment Fund for retail investors in the cryptocurrency, according to the Australian Financial Review.

It is expected that the Fund will be launched before the end of the second quarter of 2020. 95% of customer funds will be sent in exchange traded funds (ETFs), the remaining 5% will be invested directly in bitcoin.

As the newspaper notes, the issuance of a permit means that investments in bitcoin will receive more than 300 thousand existing customers Raiz, of which about 221 thousand are active investors. Previously, the company already offers its users a variety of ways of investing in a small amount in bitcoin.

Running Raiz are assets totaling more than $445 million

Note that despite a number of warnings about the risks of investing in cryptocurrency, made by tax and other authorities in Australia and their use in the country every year grows.

So, a few years ago the inhabitants of the Green continent have the opportunity to pay bills using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency to purchase in newsagents across the country – this option offers local exchange and Binance.

In addition, since August of last year to residents of Australia became available for trading on the stock exchange brothers Winklevoss Gemini, and just last week about buying the oldest cryptocurrency platform Bit Trade of the country announced the exchange Kraken.


Children of the alleged Creator of the bitcoin exchange BTC-e complained about the violation of their rights

Young children Russian Alexander winnick, a suspect in the creation of cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e and laundering it through at least $4 billion, filed a complaint to the Greek court for violation of their rights. This is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the lawyer Timothy Musatov.

According to him, the complaint was filed to prevent the extradition winnik in France and the United States.

«The process allows making the complaint prior to its consideration by the extradition to be postponed», — explained Musatov.

20 December 2019 the Minister of Greece Kostas Tsiaras signed the decision on extradition of a Russian citizen in France, and then in the United States and Russia. With same day Vinnik has declared a hunger strike, against which he has been diagnosed with a blood disease.

Musatov suggests that in the coming days his client can be extradited to France, as indicated by enhanced security mode.

The lawyer also indicated that he had not received the appeal from the Russian Federation on the extradition decision winnik. The deadline for complaints was completed on 16 Jan.

Earlier, Alexander Vinnik said about torture in a Greek jail and asked to intervene in the case of all human rights defenders.

In turn, the Russian human rights organization Amnesty International said that did not matter winnik and haven’t heard from him complaints.

In April of 2019, the source said ForkLog Timothy Musatov puts pressure on the family of Alexander winnick and his young children are under the supervision of security guards hired by the lawyer.


How to name your own cryptocurrency?

If among your friends there are advanced users, then lately you’ve probably constantly listening to conversations about bitcoin.

Someone sees it as the inevitable financial future, and someone — another bubble. At the time of this writing, one bitcoin was worth about $8650. But it is possible that when you colistete to the end, the same one bitcoin can be worth as half of a tuna sandwich. So, time to spin a roulette wheel and relying on luck! Who does not risk does not drink champagne.

However, at first, the names of cryptocurrency can lead you astray. Humanity only managed to put up with the clumsy «a bitcoin», as you have at the same time to get used to Ripple and Zclassic. Sounds like a brand of chewing gum — but no, this is the name of a real electronic money, which can buy drugs, bags of hair and other products darknet.

Do not be afraid of the fact that all the names of cryptocurrency sounds like a futuristic toothpaste. Patience, some practice, and even ordinary debit card holder will be a force to christen a new cryptocurrency (of course, if you ever decide to create your own).

Here are four ways to name your cryptocurrency.

Method # 1: Take the word «bitcoin» and slightly modify it

If you consider that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then tryptomer it just crowded. Since the emergence of bitcoin was accompanied by «a fellow by the name of» — litecoin, Bytecoin Dotcoin and even. Call currency Bytecoin in honor of the popular bitcoin — is how to call the son «There» instead of «Volume». No good deed goes unpunished.

But if the easy way is exactly what you were looking for, trying to come up with the name bitcoin, then Yes, you can just copy the «bitcoin». There is a lot of options: bitcöin, bitqoin, Bit-O-Honey coin, meatcoin or, finally, Bitcoin 2.

Method # 2: Think of a word in the spirit of science fiction — as «ether» (ethereum)

Maybe you — nature creative and don’t want to just copy the word «bitcoin». Maybe you want to invent a completely new word. Congratulations! This strategy is a great way to occupy yourself for a long time.

Since the very concept of cryptocurrency is similar to the element of sci-Fi dystopia, it is logical to call your new cryptocurrency sci-Fi language. But keep in mind that the ether, Viberate and Electroneum that could easily be the names of killer robots that are already occupied.

But do not worry, here are some great ideas: sporkz, electroBucks, spacejamm, hyperkramulon, plasmoticSphere and laserLaser.

Method # 3: Take a regular word in English, and deliberately make it a typo

Particl. Qtum. Nxt.

No, we don’t klyuem nose into the keyboard. This is just a demonstration of impressive

results that can be achieved, intentionally mispronouncing words. Look, particl similar to the word «particle» (particle), but it is boring right end. Okay? Here it is, great and mighty.

Just pick up a recognizable word and tweak it to your liking. Go ahead, try it! How about a sandwich? Perhaps sdnwich still interesting. Voila — ready cryptocurrency!

Other options: schlbus, cellFone and p0pkorn.

Method # 4: Just take the name of his cat

If all other methods didn’t suit you, you can always adopt a cat (if you haven’t already), give it a name of your liking, and then use it for its thriving cryptocurrency.

Your cat’s name is Snuggles? Great name, will be fine for the cryptocurrency that would last about four days. This will be enough to maximally inflate its value and to reset your assets!

Someone named their currency Tokes (weed), Melon («melon») and Storm («storm»). Put 100 milonov ($2,5) that it’s just the names of someone’s cats. Therefore, go in search of gentle lazy pet, let him point the way to your success. That is so simple! Good luck, friends.