Managing assets of $2.46 trillion has launched a service to store bitcoins

Financial Corporation Fidelity Investments launched a full-scale launch of custody services for institutional bitcoin investors after almost a year of closed testing, said CEO Abigail Johnson in a Financial Times interview.

In the last testing phase, everyone institutional clients will be able to check solutions division Fidelity Digital Assets. The target audience of the company — hedge funds, family offices and financial advisers.

«Many people own significant capital in cryptocurrency, probably bitcoin. They are waiting for someone to pass these coins for safekeeping. In the event of their demise, which will happen sooner or later, they need a plan to transfer these coins to another person» — said Johnson, one of the richest and most influential women on the planet according to Forbes.

Photo Reuters/Brian Snyder

About the competitor Coinbase Custody, Johnson said:

«Most have never heard of this company. She has no relationship with the independent [financial] advisors».

In August in the vaults Coinbase Custody assets were $7 billion.

Recall that in early September, taking deposits began custodial service Bakkt Warehouse.


In Ripple has reported a fall in sales XRP 74% and talked about the FUD

FINTECH-startup Ripple sold XRP tokens for $66,24 million in the third quarter. This is 74% less than in the previous.

From direct sales to institutional customers, the company received $50,12 million, and the programmed sales of $16.12 million

The comparison of the second and third quarters, data Ripple

3 billion tokens left the old escrow account. New returned only 2.3 billion.

The price of XRP during this period fell by 35.4% and the average daily trading volume has declined more than 53% to $198,1 million While the daily volatility is 3.6%, which is lower than that of bitcoin (3,9%) and Ethereum (4.3 per cent).

Comparison of volatility of bitcoin and XRP, Ripple data

As of mid-October, the speed of transaction in XRP is 3.8 seconds, the throughput of the network — 1500+ Tps, and the Commission — $0,0003, according to Ripple.

During the quarter, bots supposedly more actively spread FUD against XRP, accusing the Ripple in the pressure on price due to the massive sales and market manipulation. This is not true, assured in the company.

According to The Information on Bank accounts is stored Ripple $305 million the Startup also owns tokens XRP $15 billion.

Reporting for the second quarter can be found here.

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Poloniex separated from the Circle and is not available to users in the United States

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced the reorganization of the company structure and a number of other major changes.

First and foremost, Poloniex separated from the parent Circle. The result is a new company — Polo Digital Assets, Ltd, which will support some «big investment group».

«The Department as a separate company will allow us to focus on the needs of the global capturadora, presenting new features, assets and services» — said in a blog Poloniex.

From 21 October until the end of the year, the Commission spot trading on the exchange will be 0%. Further Poloniex plans to introduce a «competitive» offer for traders. The company also intends to spend more than $100 million for the implementation of a long-term plan for the development and expansion of the trading platform.

«However, to remain competitive in the global market, we cannot include the U.S. users in our new structure. Therefore, the Circle will cease to serve users from United States. Starting today, U.S. users will be inaccessible creating accounts on Poloniex, but from 1 November they will not be able to execute transactions on the exchange. They will have the opportunity to withdraw the assets until December 15, 2019»

In a separate tweet Poloniex announced that the Circle will continue to provide «a wide range of financial products,» including stabilin USDC, cryptoprocta and trading services, services for online fundraising, as well as to support the platform SeedInvest.

Bitcoin startup Circle acquired Poloniex in February 2018, reportedly for $400 million Then it was planned that the exchange will turn into a multifunctional marketplace that will host tokens representing various values of physical goods, fundraising and securities, real estate, art, music, literature, rental services and rental services, loans, futures, etc.

In ranking the trading platforms Bitwise from the exchange Poloniex is now at 7th place with the actual daily turnover of $9 million.

We will remind, in August and October of the Poloniex listing was removed illiquid assets and trading pair.


The attackers started to implement the hidden miners in plugins for WordPress

Recently, cybercriminals often use fake plugins to the content management system WordPress website with the hidden purpose of mining cryptocurrency. It is reported by AMB Crypto.

In the report, specializing in cyber security company Sucuri says that the hackers cloned plugins for WordPress to create a backdoor on the website of the victim and subsequent mining of cryptocurrency. One of such fake plugins — wpframework, development of which was discontinued in 2011. However, over the last few months identified at least 400 units of this module.

According to the researchers, the scheme with modified plugins for WordPress attracts hackers its simplicity, because it does not need to create new software and just add a few lines of code. In addition, hackers have created tools to easily clone original WordPress plugin and embed in them the malicious files.

Earlier today ForkLog reported that hackers have started to introduce hidden miners in the audio files of the WAV format.

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Phase of despair and nervous laughter: the story of bitcoin-the Joker

The everyday trader — specific variation of the psychological Thriller. Entangled plot and no pity for the protagonist. Penetrating into all spheres of life crisis that leaves the only way to salvation is to laugh at this terrifying reality.

Last week for the most part, remember SEC lawsuit against the Telegram.

And about the morals of the American regulator’ve all heard:

The news made nervous more than a dozen investors:

Although the outcome of the confrontation is still not a foregone conclusion:

But back to our story:

It’s about what the reason might be beyond you:

But the conclusions are wrong:

At the cue of their plans:

Other plans on your chops:

It seems the therapist to be severe patients:

With psychosis:




Strong stress:

And other neurological disorders:

The duration of the disease burdens the final diagnosis:

As well as facing additional disabilities:

Group therapy does not necessarily give a positive result:

Possible obsessive-compulsive disorder:


Short-term remission…

…gives way to a relapse:

Care imagination:

And a disappointment in General:

But what a psychosis, if all of the most important long collected in one Telegram channel? ForkLog cares about your health)


Opinion: before the resumption of growth bitcoin will attend at $7430

CoinDesk analyst Omkar Godbole sure that the price of bitcoin has almost reached a local bottom, after which growth resumes.

According to his observations, in the coming weeks should occur the so-called «death cross» (death cross) is a crossing of 50-day moving average (MA) with MA 200. The last time such an intersection occurred in March last year on the background of a clearly bear market.

Most analysts perceive the «death cross» as a clear sell signal. However, it often happens that after such a crossing there is a rise and sellers remain with nothing.

Daily charts of BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

The graphic on the left shows that after crossing the MA 200 and MA 50 in March of last year the price bottomed at $6500, but by early may recovered to $10 000. On the background of the «death cross» indicator RSI left the oversold zone. The graph to the right shows that the crossing should take place in the coming weeks.

A similar situation occurred in the «distant» 2015: crossing occurred in September, when bitcoin was trading at $250. However, the sellers are exhausted at the level of $220 and after a brief consolidation began a strong recovery.

Chart BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

Given historical data, the upcoming «death cross» is likely to become a trap for many bears. In addition, the price of bitcoin has already suffered a significant correction over 40% from the June high at $13 880.

In addition, approaching halving bitcoin, after which reward miners mined block is halved. Well-known analyst and Twitter regular @100trillionUSD noted that six months before Polovinnaya the price of BTC skyrocketing.

«We are almost six months before the upcoming halving bitcoin, which will be held in may 2020. In 2012, BTC jumped from $5 to $12 (2.3 x) for the six months to Polovinnaya. In 2016, the bitcoin has passed the way from $350 to $650 (1.7 x)».

Day, six-hour and weekly charts

Charts of BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

On the weekly chart (top left) we see that bitcoin in recent years have repeatedly tested the strength of 100 MA. On the six-hour chart (bottom left) visible failed testing of reversal pattern «Double bottom». On the daily chart (right) shows how the price for a long time can not overcome the resistance of the 200 MA.

All of this suggests that the selling pressure is still very strong. Consequently, the price may soon be at the 100-week MA ($7755), and at $7430, the relevant marks the beginning of June.

To radically change the mood can sure passage at $8820, which will break the bearish pattern of lower highs.

Earlier ForkLog published a lot of material about the causes of the current recession.


Cointelegraph is blocked in Russia by order of the tax service

English-language news portal about cryptocurrencies Cointelegraph and Russian Coinspot October 16 blocked on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Lock Cointelegraph has been at the request of the Federal tax service (FNS) on the basis of the order of two years ago— 2-6-20/2017-12-22-310-AI from 25.12.2017.

Coinspot blocked on the basis of the decision of the Central district court of Volgograd (case 2A 4546/2019 from 22.08.2019) at the suit of the Prosecutor of Danilovsky district of the Volgograd region. According to the document, the resource must be locked, only one article telling about how open online casino on the blockchain. However, most ISPs will block the entire site.

In both cases, the decision about blocking based on article 15.1 149-FZ of 27 July 2006 «On information, information technologies and protection of information». Based on this law usually are blocked web sites containing information whose dissemination is banned in Russia.

Developer of the popular Russian anticensura extensions for browsers who wishes to remain anonymous, confirmed the lock Cointelegraph.

«URL was added to the black list of Roskomnadzor sent by October 15, and Internet service providers», — said the developer.

To Internet service providers could block among them privately distributed XML file. The relevant section of the file looks like this:



«Why this website has been added only recently — I do not know», — added the developer.

Part of the Russian users yet retain access to Cointelegraph, while others see intermittent crashes. This may be due to the fact that not all Internet service providers fully implemented the updated XML file.

We will remind, in April Roskomnadzor has blocked the country’s bitcoin exchanger It is noteworthy that in the published text of the case, on the basis of which the site was inscribed in the register is prohibited, absent any mention of its domain — these places have been replaced by dots.


FATF: Libra and other stabilini hurt the fight against money laundering

Distribution tablconv like Libra from Facebook, can have serious implications for global efforts to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism, said the President of the FATF Xiang Liu. About it reports Reuters.

«If stable the coin will be widely distributed, it can lead to new risks related to money laundering and financing of terrorism», — said the head of Group of development of financial measures of struggle against money-laundering.

He warned that stabilini behind them and the company will comply with global standards for cryptocurrencies and traditional assets.

«Our goal is to provide an adequate solution to new risks associated with stable coins», — said Xiang Liu.

We will remind, the FATF has tightened the requirements for the cryptocurrency industry to implement the new advice business and government have until June 2020.


ESET found a fake Tor browser, designed to steal bitcoin users

The Trojan version of anonymous browser Tor aimed at Russian-speaking users for stolen bitcoins on the darknet markets, found ESET, developer of anti-virus software.

Hackers distribute bogus browser via two resources: and that exist in 2017. Both mimic the real website of the Tor project, suggesting to update the browser. Page is moving on the Russian forums.

A screenshot of the page

The attackers virtually unchanged used the code of the original Tor, disabling only the updates and some extensions. Therefore, victims do not notice that the installed counterfeit software.

Fake anonymous browser replaces bitcoin addresses when a user attempts to replenish the account.

ESET found three cryptocurrency wallet allegedly involved in a fake Tor. Transaction with 2017 on them is relatively small — only 4.8 BTC (about $38 thousand at current exchange rates). But the loss of the victims of hackers can be much larger because the browser replaces the QIWI wallets.

Recall that in a recent report by Europol stated that bitcoin is still the preferred cryptocurrency for cybercriminals.


Opinion: the launch of a Gram and Libra did not significantly affect the growth of fraudulent schemes

Russian experts do not share the point of view of the Central Bank, which expects a surge in fraud after the launch of digital currencies from the Telegram and Facebook. Earlier, a similar thought was expressed by Director of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Valery Lyakh.

He pointed out that the most vulnerable to scammers can be young people who are interested in investment projects.

«All the evidence suggests that probably in the near future we can expect a certain surge in fraud with the offer of pseudocritical. If the market will come with their currencies Telegram and Facebook, it is likely that fraudsters will actively offer your predicitability under the guise of a Gram and Libra», — said Valery Lyakh.

According to the official representative of bitcoin exchange Binance in Russia Gleb Kostarev, cryptocurrency is the same tool Scam like SMS, phone calls, email or social network.

«We should not exaggerate the role of cryptocurrencies, scammers will always try to use new technologies for their own purposes. It is important that regulators and law enforcement agencies quickly responded to the emergence of new schemas and users are always mindful of the precautions,» he said in comments ForkLog.

Attempts fraudulently to enrich themselves at all inherent in the economic turnover, says a member of the Commission on legal empowerment of the digital economy of the Moscow branch of Association of lawyers of Russia Yuri Borisov.

«In a sense, the scammers promote the development and protection systems. To combat fraud and appeared cryptocurrency — payment methods do not allow to deceive, to obscure theft or extortion, potentially containing even the mechanisms of protection from defaults, inflation, martial law and many other economic and political factors that affect currency», — said the expert.

Brasov also reminded that a high barrier to entry in the primary offering of coins from the Telegram and Libra cuts the potential participation of ordinary citizens and crooks in particular.

«You can blame bitcoin is that the scammers sell its plastic counterpart on the street. Is it possible to estimate efficiency of mechanisms of protection against fraud that offers bitcoin. In this respect, and tokens of projects under discussion, and any known cryptocurrency turnover protect against fraud much more efficient Fiat money, certificated and uncertificated securities or any other traditional investment products,» — said the expert.

We will remind, in April 2018, the researchers «Kaspersky Lab» has found dozens of fake web pages offering to buy tokens Gram in anticipation of the ICO project Telegram Open Network. In total, fraudsters stole more than $35 thousand.