Bitcoin wallet Blockchain has announced integration with BitPay processing

The Blockchain wallet has partnered with a leading payment processing BitPay.

According to the Blockchain, now users have the ability to spend bitcoins on a variety of goods and services from a network of shops partners of BitPay, without losing control of private keys.

«Now you can just copy or scan the invoice and make the payment with Blockchain wallet» — said in a company blog.

Since inception in 2011, the global cryptocurrency processing BitPay has processed payments totaling more than $2.8 billion Just in the past year, customers of the service have carried out transactions in excess of $1 billion in Revenue B2B-direction compared with 2017 year increased by 225%, thanks to the interest in bitcoin from IT vendors and law firms.

We will remind, recently BitPay has blocked the transfer for $100,000 designed to rescue the Amazon rain forest from fires. According to representatives of the organization Amazon Watch, the payment was rejected under the pretext that it is too large.


The head of the Bank of England: currency like Libra can put an end to the dominance of the dollar

Bank of England Governor mark Carney said on the feasibility of establishing by analogy with Libra digital means of payment that can replace the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency. It is reported Bloomberg.

Turning to the fed in a speech at the annual Symposium of the financial leaders in Jackson hole, Carney said:

«The combination of increased economic uncertainty, explicit protectionism and fears that further negative shocks will not be adequately compensated because of the restrictions on the implementation of policies exacerbates deflationary pressure on the global economy».

The financier added that Central banks must think beyond short-term measures to mitigate negative consequences caused by global processes, but also to consider far more drastic steps.

In particular, Carney stressed that having the reserve currency status of the dollar should be replaced by digital means of payment created by analogy with Libra from Facebook. According to the banker, it’s much better than «allow other currencies such as the Renminbi, replace the us».

We will remind, from-for pressure regulator at least three members of the Association Libra thinking about exit from Facebook.


Binance will provide a lifetime VIP accounts all those affected by the data breach

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has published updated information regarding the leakage of user data.

Representatives of the trading platforms stressed that the work on solving the problem continues and over the last few weeks, the team Binance was so focused on finding «the source of the leak KYC-images having similarities with KYC-images Binance, published unknown hacker».

«The latest results of the investigation indicate that some of the leaked images coincide with the images that have been processed by a third-party service provider to which Binance addressed several times since the beginning of December, 2017 to February 2018», — say representatives of the popular exchange.

However, the investigation found a lot of edited images that do not coincide with those stored in the database Binance. Also, the images were missing in place by the exchange of the digital watermark.

In Binance stressed that the use of reliable measures to protect user assets and data, including revamped KYC-verification, and face detection based on artificial intelligence launched in 2018. In addition, the exchange stores personal data of customers using advanced technology of information protection, upgraded in 2019.

«We are actively in touch with potential victims, advise on the protection of confidential information and discussed the possibility of damages. We also urge affected users to new documents in their regions», — stressed in Binance.

Exchange promised to users as compensation to provide a lifetime VIP accounts, including «preferential trading Commission, support and other services». Also Binance encouraged affected customers to contact customer support to resolve the issues of damages.

Recall that in early August, the network has spread information that «thousands KYC-data» user Binance was in one of the groups of the messenger Telegram.

Later, representatives of the exchange said that some «unidentified person threatened and terrorized» the company demanding 300 BTC. Binance refused to cooperate with the blackmailer and he soon began to distribute the data in the network.

Some time later, the hacker under the pseudonym Platon Bnatov in conversation with the publication CoinDesk said that he managed to track down the attackers, hacked Binance in may, and that he has a 60 000 files KYC-user data exchange.


Survey: Chinese investors are confident that bitcoin will overcome the mark of $30 000 in the next 12 months

According to the results of the firm BabelFinance survey, over 30% of Chinese investors believe the price of bitcoin will overcome the mark of $30 000 within the next 12 months. It is reported by Bitcoin Magazine, citing Chinese resource 8btc.

The majority of respondents — young, educated and fairly wealthy people, mostly male. 51.8% of respondents — persons aged 26-35 years, 21,9% — 19-25 years and 22.8% — 36-45 years.

Among the main reasons for investing in cryptocurrency the majority of respondents (84.3 percent) indicated optimism regarding the future prospects of bitcoin and the desire to keep this asset «to them». 25.3% of respondents said they are attracted by the possibility of obtaining short-term profits, and 19.3% said that they treat digital currencies as collectibles.

31.3% of respondents said that the share of scriptaction in their investment portfolios is more than 50%; 12% of respondents, the figure is in the range of 41-50%, and in 10.8% of Chinese cryptoendoliths from 31% to 40%.

The most popular asset is bitcoin, but many also stored on Ethereum (57.8% of the respondents), USDT (50,6%) and EOS (41%).

More than 30% of respondents believe that within the next 12 months, the price of the first cryptocurrencies will reach $30 000; 26.9% of respondents expressed the view that in a year BTC will be traded in the range of $15 000-20 000; 15.7% of participants indicated a corridor between $20 000 and $25 000.

Nevertheless, a considerable part of respondents associates the bitcoin investment fraud. Some simply do not know how to purchase cryptocurrency.

We will remind, recently the journal ForkLog published a survey of «Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in our lives.»


Opinion: «season altcoins» on the threshold, the market share of BTC will fall

CoinDesk Markets analysts came to the conclusion that the index of dominance of bitcoin has already peaked and soon will come the so-called «season altcoins».

In particular, the experts found on the chart of the market capitalization of a candle doji with a long upper shadow, which is also called «Tombstone». The emergence of such a pattern after an uptrend may indicate an impending change of trend.

In addition, analysts found the way out of the «triangle» of values of the indicator RSI. Also signals to change the declining market share of bitcoin are observed in the four-hour chart dominance:

In comments to the tweet the user Spigfish expressed the opinion that with the start of the rally altcoins quite good dynamics can show Stellar (XLM), the price of which has dropped to a key support level.

According to CoinMarketCap, the current index capitalization 68.6%, that is, on the level of marks the beginning of 2017.

Previously, the legendary trader Peter Brandt expressed the opinion that it is unlikely to repeat the scenario of 2017, when the background of a swiftly rising bitcoin price also climbed many other cryptocurrencies.


I just live with this pain: memes about your bitcoin

Saturday, concentration of pain and memchiki. Look at what you break, because the market is red — the forecast is terrible.

Initially, the cue ball makes a somersault:

Then Fortuna spins the wheel:

You at this time:

And after thinking about the strategy:

Money or not:

All the trader is calling:

Calling for steady:

Choose whether you’re drying:


Or the best exchange:

If you’re looking for justification:

Or catch a buzz from this:

Truth is one:

Do not stay aside:

And don’t be arrogant:

Because all the questions have become rhetorical:

Although the answers are:

You can have your hard calculation:

But the pain will remain your escort for the whole trip:

We do not hurt)))


The organizers of the pyramid PlusToken withdrawal mainly on the exchange Huobi

Researchers at analyst firm Elementus came to the conclusion that the collected PlusToken funds were made to the Singapore exchange Huobi.

According to analysts, this market segment has received almost 50% of the funds from PlusToken:

As can be seen from the table, to a somewhat lesser amounts were reported in other Asian areas —, Upbit, OKEx and According to representatives of the Elementus, the question remains why the scammers chose to withdraw cryptocurrency mainly on Huobi.

According to the researchers, PlusToken gathered ETH 10 million (almost $2 billion at current exchange rates) from more than 800 thousand participants in a Ponzi scheme. In addition, the pyramid is quite actively raised funds in bitcoin, XRP and EOS.

Thus, being the largest in the history of China the pyramid in scale PlusToken «with large margin» exceeds such fraudulent projects like BitConnect and OneCoin.

Earlier on blockchain CipherTrace company assessed the damage to investors from PlusToken of approximately $2.9 billion.

ForkLog previously reported that Chinese police have detained six suspects in the creation of pyramid PlusToken.


Indicators of complexity and Hasrat Litecoin fell by almost a third

Shortly after halving Litecoin indicators Hasrat and complexity of the production of «digital silver» fell by almost a third.

According the complexity of the network since halving decreased by 28%.

This situation may be associated with the termination of operation of the mining equipment, which became unprofitable after Polovinnaya awards.

During the same period, Hasrat LTC fell to the may stamps:

As well as the complexity of Herat fell by 28%. Data bitinfocharts

According F2pool, currently, the most efficient to mine Litecoin on devices from InnoSilicon and FusionSilicon:

With the price of electricity to $0.04 per kWh miners from these firms will bring from $0.23 to $0.50 per day. While the once popular Antminer L3+ will work approximately «zero».

We will remind, the second halving Litecoin was held on August 5, changing the block reward for LTC from 25 to 12.5 LTC.

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Bitcoin startup Circle is seeking $100 million for the development of a crowdfunding platform

Cryptocurrency company Circle, which owns the exchange, Poloniex, has announced the search for a new General partner who will be able to raise $100 million for its venture Fund. It is reported by CoinDesk.

The company expects the new partner will develop and promote investment Declaration to increase the number of large transactions on the crowdfunding platform SeedInvest, which Circle was acquired in March.

Platform SeedInvest was founded in 2012 and has helped to attract funding more than 150 companies. Now the network consists of 250 thousand investors.

At the time of purchase Circle noted that infrastructure SeedInvest will allow her to do tokenization shares in new companies.

We will remind, in June Circle has discontinued support for app Circle Pay, shifting the focus to other products and business lines.


Technolithic: soon bitcoin price will return to the levels below $10,000

The recent growth of bitcoin to values above $10 200 was not supported by increasing trading volumes. This means that soon the price of BTC may continue downward correction, the analyst believes the CoinDesk Omkar Godbole.

On the hourly chart seen the release of bitcoin prices of the bearish pattern «Rising wedge»:

Chart BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

The fall in the price after breaking the lower boundary of the pattern was interrupted by the green candle. However, trading volumes are gradually declining, which indicates a strong possibility of further decline in prices to $9755.

To change moods and lift to values above the range of $550 10-$600 10, price must confidently overcome level of $10 255 corresponding to the upper boundary of the wedge. More confidence, buyers can give rise to above $10 956.

Daily and four-hour charts

Charts of BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

On the daily chart clearly seen bounce rates from the moving average (MA) with a period of 100. After the upward correction 20 Aug formed a lower low at $10 956, which is a bearish pattern. Now, this level must be overcome to continue the recovery rates.

Data from the four-hour chart shows that the probability of continuation of falling is high. Buyers need to start to push the price above $10 807 corresponding to the maximum of the candle, which confirmed the break out of the wedge.

The three-day schedule

Chart BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

On a larger timeframe formed a pattern «bearish engulfing» — the penultimate candle with his body blocked the previous one. This indicates a high probability of further decline in prices.

To radically change the situation, buyers should push the pair above the descending trend line connecting the June and July highs.

According to coin 360, bitcoin is trading at $10 181, the rise in recent days was 1.53%:

Also in the «green zone» a highly liquid altcoins.

ForkLog previously reported that the cryptocurrency «index of fear and greed» have fallen to record lows.