E-Trade Financial Corporation started trading bitcoin futures CME Group

American financial Corporation E-Trade Financial Corporation began trading bitcoin futures, Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME Group Inc).

In the specifications on the website of the brokerage company stated that the initial reserve obligation for data bitcoin futures (BTC) is set at the same level as for bitcoin futures CBOE (XBT) that are already traded on the platform since December 20 of last year — 80%.

Recall that trading futures contracts on the bitcoin platform CME Globex Chicago Mercantile exchange (CME Group) began on 17 December, and the CBOE started on 11 December. Today the access bitcoin contracts the CBOE opened to investors, TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. and Ally Invest, and clients of Interactive Brokers Group got the opportunity to work with bitcoin futures both markets.


The Ledger wallet Nano’s got a security certificate

Company Ledger received a security Certificate of the first level (CPSN) for your product Ledger Nano’s from the National Agency cybersecurity France (ANSSI).

ANSSI reports to the General Secretariat for national defense and security (SGDSN) and provides assistance to the French Prime Minister in matters of defence and national security. According to the list of study ANSSI products from 1 June 2018, has been certified 122 of 261 eligible products.

All products applying for a certificate CPSN, pass a series of tests in the laboratory ANSSI testing of several scenarios of attacks that jeopardize security. The Agency estimates the «firewall protection, identification, authentication and access, security, communication and embedded software».

Ledger emphasizes the importance of obtaining a certificate from an independent third party to confirm the safety of your wallet, and notes that the CPSN to Ledger’s Nano is the beginning of the effort certification for all its products. The blog post also says that Ledger is conducting its own internal safety assessment called Ledger Donjon, which checks the stability of the products to various threat scenarios.

In addition, the company has developed a special operating system BOLOS (the Blockchain Open Ledger Operating System) to combine software and hardware strategies that improve safety.

According to the blog post, testing CPSN covers a number of basic built-in security features, including generator true random number, which is created by hardware and then processed using BOLOS, and validates the technology for compliance with the security guidelines established in the Common reference system for France’s security.

Other security features, CPSN certified, include a root of trust that ensures that Nano’s were released Ledger, as well as measures to verify the end-user, such as a mandatory PIN codes to access the services.

In January, the Ledger announced the launch of its mobile application, through which users will be able to use all the functions of a wallet without connecting to the computer. In addition, at the beginning of the year, the company introduced a new wallet Ledger Nano X Bluetooth. At the end of last year, the manufacturer of hardware wallets said that the vulnerability discovered in the devices are not critical and do not affect the user experience.


In Ethereum again recorded a transaction with incorrect Commission

Monday, March 18, in Ethereum took place the transaction in the amount of 10 ETH. The Commission was 2100 ETH (over $290 thousand at the current exchange rate).

Below are the details of this transaction are:

The screenshot below shows that the transaction has processed Chinese F2Pool. As it turned out, the transaction was conducted between two individuals, but the high Commission was put up by mistake.

We will remind, last month the anonymous user has by mistake paid 2 100 ETH (at the time about $300 000) as a Commission. Subsequently mining pool Sparkpool was verified by the user and returned to him half of the money.


Visa more people to the cryptocurrency division

Payment giant Visa announced the creation of the Crypto Team and opened the vacancy for technical product Manager in the new Department. This is evidenced by the published ad.

Specialist will work in the office in Palo Alto and to obey the head of cryptoprocta in the group Visa Fintech.

Among the requirements for the applicant include knowledge of and about the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and understanding available financial technological solutions in the sphere of retail payments.

A new employee among other things will manage the strategy and roadmap of cryptocurrencies Visa product.

We will remind, in October 2018, Visa CEO al Kelly has not excluded that in the future the company may start working with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, if they become a «real payment».


Bitcoin exchange Coinbase Pro will change the structure of trading commissions

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange Pro will change the structure of commissions and make unavailable to the market stop orders. This was reported in the blog of the marketplace.

According to representatives of stock exchanges, changes that will take effect March 22, will enhance the liquidity of the platform and more efficient pricing.

One of the main changes is a new structure of commissions. If earlier the Board of teyker with a monthly turnover of up to $100 000 was 0%, from March 22 it will be 0.15%.

Trader Alex Kruger for his tweet attached a spreadsheet that compares current and upcoming trading commissions exchange:

According to him, the majority of users of Coinbase Pro belong to the first group. Therefore, the total amount of trading commissions, in fact, increases. In this case the winners are the large traders.

Kruger suggested that many members of American stock exchange can go to the largest trading volume platform Binance, where the Commerce Commission is significantly lower:

The manual Coinbase Pro made unavailable to the market stop orders, leaving only a stop-limit orders. Kruger called the decision absurd, because, in his opinion, a stop-limit order will trigger a market worse and more prone to so-called slippage in a period of strong price movements.

We will remind, the client base of services in the United States the largest cryptocurrency company decreased slightly after social networks was launched the hashtag #DeleteCoinbase. It happened after the acquisition of a startup analytic Neutrino, known for his hostility to privacy and questionable cooperation with the dictatorial political regimes.


Russian officials can take bribes cryptocurrency

In late December the Ministry of labor has issued guidelines on providing of information about income and property of officials and members of their families for 2017. In fact, this document Russian civil servants officially allowed not to declare information about the presence of virtual currencies. The Ministry explained that cryptocurrencies are not included because they are not regulated by laws. They say, first you need to pass a law and then to introduce control.

Market analysts believe that due to its anonymity, bitcoin has the potential to become a new form of corruption, struggle with which will be much more difficult than with cash or non-cash bribes.

The head of the National anti-corruption Committee Kirill Kabanov suggests that the Ministry of labor has created a new loophole for bribes. His position, he explains that the unclear status of the cryptocurrency will spur corruption activity of officials, because cryptococal can be opened for third parties to determine the true owner of this account is technically impossible.

The same opinion is shared by the founder of Forensic Solutions Alexey Frolov. According to him, the form of transfer of a bribe might look like the following image: businessman opens electronic crypto that can be done anonymously, credited to his bitcoin and sends the ID of the official account QR code or one-dimensional digital code. In fact, this would be a bribe. Virtual money unscrupulous official can withdraw in Fiat to get money to the Bank card. She also can be registered to a third party, so to catch the bribe taker will be extremely difficult.

We will remind, the state Duma of the Russian Federation considers appropriate definition of cryptocurrency and token as property, as this will immediately simplify the regulation of many things related to the cryptocurrency industry.

The final version of the bill on the regulation of cryptocurrency in Russia must be submitted by February 1.



South Korea’s KakaoTalk messaging app can add support for cryptocurrencies

The largest Internet conglomerate in South Korea, Kakao Corp, which owns services like KakaoTalk, KakaoPay, KakaoTaxi, KakaoStory and KakaoStock can provide access to the cryptocurrency in its 44-million-strong user base, writes local portal fnnews.

According to media reports, after the integration of the vault private keys smartphones Samsung Kakao decided to add support for cryptocurrencies to your messenger, is currently the most popular app of its kind in South Korea.

Last week it became known that Kakao has raised $90 million to further the development of its blockchain platform Klatyn and plans to collect another $90 in the next round.

According to industry representatives, KakaoTalk will «be used as a cryptocurrency wallet» that will allow users to interact with applications on the blockchain, send, receive and store bitcoin. According to the sources, the users who want to manage their cryptocurrency assets via messenger, you will need to activate the corresponding option. Without it crypto-wallet is not available.

«Kakao necessary cryptocurrency wallet for Klaytn. The best way to start the service is the integration of crypto wallet on KakaoTalk that when used by over 80% of the population of South Korea,» said one expert.

A company spokesman refused to confirm the information, but said that KakaoTalk is working on the broader implications of blockchain technology.


Became known the timing of the payment of compensation to the customers of the bitcoin exchange Cryptopia

New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia victim of hackers in mid-January, sent customers a letter in which he described the circumstances of the break and their next steps.

According to management of the site, to the accounts of affected users will be credited tokens Cryptopia Loss Marker (CLM), which is a record in the database about their fees.

Cyptopia expects to begin the payment of compensation and resume trading until the end of March after completion of necessary legal procedures.

Also today, March 18, the exchange temporarily resumed trading. Given that this was not preceded by an official announcement, experts suggest that the auction was launched in test mode. To date, the auctions have been stopped, their daily volume was just over 10 BTC.

We will remind, in March the website Cryptopia resumed work in the «read-only», and preserved the assets were transferred to the new wallets.


Media: the South Korean KakaoTalk will support cryptocurrencies

Conglomerate Kakao is going to add support for cryptocurrencies in the popular messaging app KakaoTalk. It is reported by CCN with reference to the local portal fnnews.

Solution manual Kakao on adding support cryptocurrency in the messenger was made after Samsung has integrated vault for digital assets in a device Galaxy S10.

Representatives industrieautomation that KakaoTalk «will be used as crypto», which allows users to run different blockchain app, and send, receive and store digital assets.

KakaoTalk is the most popular messenger in South Korea, they are more than 44 million people.

ForkLog previously reported that Kakao Corp. raised $90 million investment to build a blockchain platform Klaytn.

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Bitcoin was described in the book of 1997


In 1997, in collaboration Dale James Davidson and Lord William Reese-Mogga out a history book about the future of «the Sovereign individual: mastering the transition to the Information Age» (The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age). On the threshold of XXI century the authors described the concept of cryptocurrency with supernatural accuracy, more than 10 years before the creation of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The book’s subtitle reads: «How to survive and succeed in the collapse of the welfare state».

Prophets of bitcoin became the editor of the Times of London, William Rees-Mogg, many covering the economy and was a fan of the gold standard, and financier James Davidson, a frequent invited expert to Newsmax, known for his predictions about the disaster of the US economy.

The authors wrote that will start cybertools, which will inevitably lead to cyberdesign. The revolution in money will reduce the role of the state, eliminating the risk of loss in inflation: «the New cyber money will be denationalized. When sovereign individuals can make transactions without borders, outside of physical reality, they no longer need to adhere to long-known practice, when governments lower the value of their money through inflation». Control will pass to the global market.

According to the soothsayers, digital money will consist of a cryptographically encrypted sequences of polysemous primes: «Soon you will pay almost every transaction on the world wide web at the same time, when you have concluded using the cyber-cache <…> a Unique, anonymous, and verifiable, the money will be adapted to the most enormous». Divided into the smallest shares of value, they will be traded with a simple keystroke on billion market without borders.

Unlike Fiat currency that can be faked, «the new standard of digital gold or barter equivalents will be almost impossible to fake for mathematical reasons», all banknotes will be unique.

Riis of Mogg and Davidson believed that the coming clash within Western civilization. No strings attached currency means the demise of a parasitic government that is enriched by productive members of society and redistributes received within the selected groups.