Rambler, atputa, and other topics of the week: MEM-overview

Well, meme time! This week we’re a little taken aback by the impending ICO Hydra began to worry about the fate nginx again heard a few crazy predictions about the price of bitcoin and learned secrets about investors TON (SEC, apparently, not taught to read other people’s correspondence it is ugly!) But about all under the order.

Bitcoin this week decided not to bother — neither the year nor the sharp decline did not happen (thanks for that). But who had not so quietly, is the founder of nginx Igor Sysoev, the office is suddenly raided and searched.

The former Executive Director of «Rambler» Igor Ashmanov even suddenly suggested nginx lawyer Timothy Musatov, business winnik. Others also decided to support nginx.

What will be the end of it all, we can only guess…

Although suddenly there are unexpected pitfalls?

The sudden news about ICO Hydra this week has forced many to podnabratsya.

Almost the same composition, which offers help to us, Criptana.

And we all without much changes:

Although sometimes hope is all there is. For example, for the first time in three and a half years on the weekly chart bitcoin formed a bullish pattern «Golden cross». But all may not be so rosy…

Although anything can happen, of course.

But it’s certainly not about us. Our Kryptogen rather accompany such things:

And, of course, can not forget about the owners of violas and their difficult situation.

On the other hand, there are situations and is worse.

And there are just a little annoying.

All, folks. Will keep you posted further. Ol day, ol night our news can be read on ForkLog Telegram: ForkLog Feed — all news, ForkLog — the most important news and polls.


The attacker brought 1.1 billion tokens VET with purse VeChain Foundation

Organization VeChain Foundation said the burglary of the purse, which was involved in the redemption of tokens.

Approximately 1.1 billion token VET (~$6.4 million) were transferred to the attacker’s address, which was appropriately noted on the service VeChainStats.

This way will be marked with the other address, which the hacker will send the stolen funds. The organization also notified the various exchanges to track suspicious activity and prevent the movement of funds from an address of the attacker into the appropriate wallets.

«We started the investigation in respect of each fact that is associated with the address to determine the motive, method, and data flow behind this malicious act, — stated in the blog Vechain Foundation. — A breach in the security system most likely formed as a result of unfair actions one connected with the finances of the team that created the account for the redemption of the token, not adhering to the approved organisation standard procedures»

The organization has turned to specializing in cyber security teams Hacken and vechainstats.com. In order to avoid further diversion of funds is checked and other scriptactive in the possession VeChain Foundation.

About the incident and notified law enforcement agencies of Singapore, where is the project.

We will remind, this summer VeChain announced the launch of a joint project with Walmart to ensure food safety in China.

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Analyst: cryptocurrencies are still used mainly for speculative purposes

Director of the research division of The Block Larry Cermak came to the conclusion that the leading scriptactive — bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin and Litecoin Cash is used mainly for speculative purposes.

According to him, for assessment activity use permissionless assets you can use the total cost of onchain transactions. In 2019, the projected ratio at the largest bitcoin ($690 billion), followed by Ethereum ($134 billion), Bitcoin Cash ($51 billion) and Litecoin ($19 billion).

The cost of onchain transactions in USD at BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH and LTC

The chart above shows that this year the total oncein-value on the above assets is much lower compared to the two previous years. In particular, in comparison with the 2018 projected 2019 will be a decrease of about 30%.

Comparing the cost of onchain transactions with an annual trading volume of the exchanges included in the Bitwise 10, the analyst came to the conclusion that the numbers are very similar.

Total trading volume at the exchanges included in the rating Bitwise

In other words, between the trading volumes at the leading stock exchanges and onchan activity by the largest cryptocurrency there is a close correlation:

It sure Cermak, indicates that bitcoin and other popular scriptactive are primarily instruments for speculation. His conclusion is consistent with the study Chainalysis, in which 89.7% of transactions in the network of the first cryptocurrencies associated with the exchanges.

We will remind, in the summer the head of the Federal reserve system Jerome Powell said that the bitcoin more speculative instrument than a payment instrument.


The Simcord lied about support from the government of Ukraine to promote your mining-pool

11 December in Kiev held a round table on the theme «Standards of instruments of the blockchain». Among the agencies allegedly supported him, were given the Ministry of digital transformation, the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of economic development, trade and agriculture. While the event was advertised digital asset Bitbon from the company Simcord, with signs of a financial pyramid. About this in Facebook wrote Deputy President of the Association «the Blockchain of Ukraine» Vitalyi Bulychev.


The roundtable was organized by public organization «research center for legal solutions in the field of technologies of the distributed registry». The focus of the advertising of the event becomes apparent when you consider that it was a moderator CEO Simcord Alexander Code, and the speakers are his colleagues.

Some speakers:

The list of speakers not included representatives of ministries, stated on the stand. Perhaps the organizers have ranked him the former first Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Elena Sukmanova and former Prime Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov. ForkLog requested comment from ex-officials to confirm their participation in the round table, but no answer was received.

The Ministry of the digital transformation of pre-Ukraine has not confirmed the relationship of the office with a round table. The official comment from the Minister will follow later.

First Deputy Minister of justice of Ukraine Olga Onischuk announced ForkLog that he first heard about the event.

Mining with a yield of 10 000%

Representatives of Simcord decided not to ForkLog answer to the question, did the Ministry support for this round table, and redirected us to the research center, indicating that they are the organizers of the event (later they sent a letter with explanations — see UPDATE). Although the event’s page in Facebook says otherwise:

Answering the question ForkLog on the content of speech Simcord at the round table, the representative of the public relations Department of the company said that they covered two topics: «the Prospect of attracting significant investment in the Ukrainian economy in the next 10-15 years subject to the timely and efficient organization of state regulation of the market of goods and services based on blockchain technology» and «the Legal nature of the token blockchain».

Also, the PR girl said that after the event it was decided to develop a «Doctrine of economic-legal regulation of the market of goods and services on the blockchain»:

The final Protocol of the round table by ForkLog on Scribd

Judging by the available photos of the event and previously published statement of the CEO, Simcord now preparing to start mining. At the roundtable they presented the principle of creation of mining pools in the system Bitbon.

Structure mining pool is divided into four levels, each of them promises its participants a certain rate of return from 10% to 100%.

It is noteworthy that when the value of one Bitbon $500 participants of the fourth level promise to yield 10,000%.

System Bitbon separates the two types of mining: «mining consensus-building» and «mining infrastructure». Although in the General sense of the term mining neither one nor the other is not.

«To earn by mining in the system Bitbon no need to purchase various additional hardware (processors and graphics card with a large processing capacity of farms for mining, etc.). Mining consensus-building algorithm uses a Delegated Proof-of-Stake, which was seriously modified and different from those that already exist in the market. Each owner Bitbon will be able to participate in mining and to obtain a permanent revenue, which will depend on the number of available Bitbon his electronic wallet Assetbox».

The company makes the following scheme:

«Private power miner is calculated from the number Bitbon the purse Assetbox. Basic capacity — the number Bitbon on Assetbox + number Bitbon have personally invited people from the first line. Social capacity — the number Bitbon on Assetbox + number Bitbon have invited people + number of Bitbon people in the second line and below. This is called pool miner».

Thus, early investors «bottom» your income from the funds of later investors.

White paper and krausel Simcord

According to the white paper project, Simcord engaged in «the development and production of high-load software solutions based on blockchain technology, which are based on scientific developments and patents in the field of management of property rights on assets by contributing».

«Bitbon is the first financial CryptoStream secured by the assets of the real sector of the economy. Underlying economic model system contributing guaranteed stimulates cyclic supply and demand on Bitbon», — say representatives of the company.

In the summer of 2018, the company came to the ICO, during which they planned to sell 70 million tokens Bitbon at a price of $6. Subsequent changes in the price of the asset is calculated at some «special formula depending on the number of purchased Bitbon».

At the final stage of public krautsalat Simcord announced a campaign Golden Price.

«The agreement stipulates the conditions under which the company will be able to buy every Bitbon customer at a price of $100, resulting in a guaranteed minimum income of the client will amount to 320% per annum, or 1600% at the end of the option contract 11 Oct 2023», — reads the conditions of the campaign.

In addition, the company promised buyers Bitbon option premium in the amount of 3% of the number of tokens bought. Now total supply tokens Bitbon is 100 million

Expert opinion

ForkLog asked blockchain expert Pavel Kravchenko, visited the round table on his own initiative, to comment on the presentation of the company Simcord.

«If there is a fixed number of tokens, and they are required to execute transactions in the system and at the same time are an investment vehicle that is confirmed by the screenshots above, this utility model token, and it is in any case exposed a pump and dump.

Simcord claims that their token is a digital asset, proven intellectual property. So they are trying to prove that he is completely in line with the legislation. But no matter how much the lawyers have tried to justify this model, if the token is both an investment and a payment instrument, it is possible to pump and dump,» — said Kravchenko.

According to him, the round table brought together the «friendly company Simcord lawyers and politicians who expressed positive opinions in their address». The ultimate goal is to enlist the support of different public organizations and to enter the Parliament with a draft law on digital assets.

«It’s hard to tell whether Simcord pyramid, but based on the screenshot, the signs of the pyramid are present there», — the expert added.

Certificate of jesaconitine

«We initially laid down in the legal nature of the system Bitbon adaptive legislative regulation, which is an important indicator of value in the development of the global information economy. All the activities of system members Bitbon occurs exclusively in the legal field, which ensures the legality of all processes», — said on the website Bitbon.

The token Bitbon lot of different documents, allegedly confirming its legality, from inventory passports to scientific and legal opinions, signed by the National Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine (it, by the way, is the previously mentioned roundtable moderator Nicholas Kucheryavenko). But we will focus on one of them.

7 Dec 2019, OOO «Concord» received from the already familiar to us of the research center for legal solutions in the field of technologies of the distributed registry a certificate of compliance token blockchain Bitbon digital asset.

«This certificate proves that the token blockchain Bitbon complies with all categories of digital asset, and it is a knowledge resource derived from the right to the value of addressing in a distributed registry unique identifier», — reads the conclusion of the center.

The research center was created at the end of the panel discussion «the Future of digital assets: financial-legal opinion», held in Kharkiv the third international legal forum in September 2019. Its founder is (drum roll) CEO Simcord Alexander Code.

The final Protocol by ForkLog on Scribd

According to the document, the center is engaged in implementation of blockchain technology in the public administration, as well as the development of normative-legal documents regulating the use of blockchain technology in Ukraine.

However, according to the head of group of advisers of the parliamentary Interfactional Deputy Association Blockchain4Ukraine Konstantin Yarmolenko, this public organization is «nonama» and in no way involved in the preparation of new legislation on the subject of technology, the distributed registry and virtual assets. Not heard anything about the center and President of the Association «Blockchain Ukraine» Mikhail Chobanyan.

In addition, Yarmolenko noticed that the logo and print centre is the state emblem of Ukraine that is the prerogative of the public authorities.

«Article 11 of the Law «On the state coat of arms» directly prohibits the use of public organizations. Specifically in this situation, these actions can be part of fraud», — said in comments ForkLog managing partner of the Juscutum legal company Artem Afian.

The lawyer

In General, Afyan called the panel discussion «one of the most cynical imitations of state, which he saw for the last time.»

«People who signed documents with an analysis of the blockchain network, Simcord, are experts in the field of law. It’s a little weird, because I personally, as a lawyer, will never undertake to analyze the network without technical expertise. Also I was confused by the statement about the compliance of the token definition of a digital asset, although this term in Ukraine is not enshrined in law», — said the lawyer.

Afian suggested that not all participants could be aware of its real purpose. As an example, he named a well-known expert in the field of intellectual property Olena Orlyuk. She wrote about his participation in the round table on Facebook.

«Obviously, these people simply used them to the end did not say where they participate, so they came and his presence seems to have betrayed the significance of this event», says Afian.

ForkLog expects comments Olena Orlyuk about who exactly and for what purpose invited her to the event.

«While I have no evidence to suggest that this pyramid, but the force of trying to give confidence to this project, about which no one in the technology and the cryptocurrency community doesn’t know, and overall aplomb of this round table which indicates the risk that it’s a pyramid scheme», concluded Artem Afian.

Suspected members of the forum

On the discussion forums dedicated to the Simcord, some users talk about negative experience with the company.

Similar feedback has on the activity of the Cypriot broker UBK Markets, a subsidiary of Simcord. The documentation UBK Alexander the Code is the Executive Director.

Given ForkLog facts are taken from public sources. The editorial Board is open to comments from representatives of the Simcord.


After the material representatives of the Simcord sent version ForkLog a letter in which he said that the national Academy of legal Sciences of Ukraine sent to the Ministry of the digital transformation of Ukraine in the name Fedorova M. A., official letter of invitation to the round table «Standards of instruments of the blockchain» with the offer to personally take part in it and to delegate to specialists of the Ministry. The letter was in the office of the Ministry from 04.10.2019 G., reg. room No. 34300/0/1-19.

«Support to the Ministry of justice was marked on the following basis: a round table «Standards of instruments of the blockchain», which was held on 11 November in the Ukrainian house, is the official continuation of the panel discussion «the Future of digital assets: financial-legal opinion», which was held in Kharkiv the framework of the III international legal forum, which was enshrined in the Protocol of the panel discussion. The forum was held with the support of several organizations, companies and ministries, particularly the Ministry of justice, information about which is available on the official information resource of the forum and, accordingly, was moved to information resources round table», — said the letter.


From the site of the event began to clean up the list of ministries, support for which was announced.

Compare, so the site looked before the release of our publication:

And so — after:

More information about MLM schemes can be found in the investigation ForkLog about the projects «Cerberi», OneCoin and Prizm.


The Bank of Sweden will develop the platform for the digital crown

Sweden’s Central Bank will sign an agreement with the consulting firm Accenture to launch a pilot platform for the digital currency (e-krona), according to Reuters.

«The main goal of the pilot project is to expand the knowledge Bank on technological options for e-krona», — said the representatives of the monetary regulator.

Sweden is characterized by rapid decline in the share of cash payments. The Central Bank of the country in 2016 is studying the possibility of issuing its own digital currency designed to be an effective and safe means of payment.

Interest in digital crown resumed shortly after the launch of digital currency from the largest social network Facebook. In particular, in October this year, the head of the Bank of Sweden Stefan Ingves said that Libra has pushed the Central banks to reform their work. Then he stressed that his office continues to work on the digital crown.


The Prosecutor General’s office in new York: LEO token exchange Bitfinex can be a security

According to a new document of the Prosecutor General of the state of new York (NYAG), related companies Bitfinex and Tether gradually sapped their reserves to support stablon USDT.

By ForkLog Document on Scribd

In filed the Supreme court petition, the prosecution is prepared to prove the close relationship between companies in attempts to conceal the loss of $850 million as the result of the mixing of corporate funds and assets of investors, fake security Tether and deception of investors. Representatives of the NYAG also believe that the missing funds «are unlikely to be compensated».

The Prosecutor’s office has called «premature» the conclusion that the Tether is not a commodity or a security. Also, according to NYAG, the exchange token LEO can be a valuable paper.

«The defendants had another major financial transaction — has released about a billion of LEO. This new virtual asset resembles debt securities», — said the representatives of the Prosecutor’s office.

It is also noteworthy that contained in the Finance Director Giancarlo Bitfinex devasiri the signed documents as part of the exchange and Tether.

The portion of the document NYAG

We will remind, since April, the exchange embroiled in litigation against the General Prosecutor’s office in new York in the case of concealing losses of more than $850 million of client funds in the accounts processing Crypto Capital, the founders of which are accused of money laundering.

Bitfinex does not leave attempts to access frozen funds, and in October, the exchange issued a statement, according to which it not only helped the Crypto Capital of money-laundering, but she was the victim of fraud.

In July, the NYAG filed new charges against Bitfinex and the company Tether. The Agency saw the tokens UNUS SED LEO signs of unregistered securities. Also representatives of Prosecutor’s office argue that despite claims to Bitfinex that she is working with investors from new York from mid-2018, a platform was provided services to residents of this state.

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The Swiss authorities have spoken in favor of issue wholesale CBDC

The Swiss government did not find advantages from the issue of retail digital currency Central Bank (CBDC), but acknowledged some benefit from its wholesale option.

The Federal Council of the country at the request of the lower house of Parliament studied the benefits and risks of the release of the CBDC, and came to the conclusion:

«Now universally available CBDC will bring Switzerland additional benefits. Instead, it will generate new risks, especially in relation to financial stability.»

The Board noted that some economists expect from a digital currency improve the efficiency of payments and monetary policy, as well as strengthening the stability of the financial system as a whole. A number of supporters of CBDC sure that its use will reduce tax crimes and will help in the fight against money laundering.

According to the government, digital Frank, at best, partially meet these expectations, and for these areas there are more effective solutions.

This position is shared by the Central Bank of Switzerland (ZBS).

A more promising strategy, the Federal Council considers the creation of a digital currency, available only to players in the financial market.

«It won’t have the same far-reaching and fundamental consequences, such as retail CBDC. Released CBS «wholesale token» can improve the efficiency of trade settlement and securities management», — noted in the report, the government of Switzerland.

Earlier, the Finance Ministry and the US Federal reserve found no need to issue the digital dollar, and the new head of the ECB, Christine Lagarde, urged not to hurry with the launch of digital euros.


Shares of mining giant Canaan has fallen by almost 40%

Since listing on Nasdaq in the past month, shares of Chinese mining company Canaan sank nearly 40%.

In November, the Canaan Creative has raised $90 million in an IPO, placing 10 million American Depositary receipts at a price of $9. Today, December 13, the securities of mining companies are trading at around $5,71.

In conversation with the edition of Bitcoinist partner TokenInsight Jack Yang said that the stock price will continue to fall if the price of bitcoin will not start a strong recovery.

Also, according to young, Canaan is being affected by competition from Bitmain and MicroBT. The latter recently introduced a series of high-performance and power efficient miners WhatsMiner M30.

Bitmain in October introduced an improved miners series S17+ and T17+, and returned to the CEO post Jihan Wu recently presented a new strategy to expand sales. In addition, Bitmain recently launched initiatives to reduce barriers to entry into mining.

Previously the Director of the Iterative Capital Management Leo Zhang expressed the opinion that in future, the Canaan Creative market may weaken.


Technical analysis: bitcoin at risk to fall to level of $7072, and then to $6500

According to the observations of analysts CoinDesk Markets, the market continues to be dominated by bearish sentiment, putting pressure on the price of the first cryptocurrencies.

Hourly chart

Chart BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

On this timeframe is seen a breakout of the lower border of the rising channel, after which the price will likely attend a three-week low of $7072, and then the psychological level of $7000. The likelihood of this scenario will increase if you collapse the support line of the RSI indicator.

On the other hand, a breakout of resistance at $7250 to push the price to $7400. Nevertheless, the overall picture will remain bearish until then, until you passed the mark of $7870 reached on November 29.

The three-day schedule

Chart BTC/USD exchanges are Bitstamp from TradingView

The penultimate candle is a part of a pattern «bearish engulfing», signaling possible further downside movement up to $6500, which at the end of last month there was a corrective bounce.

Similar to analysts, the Markets CoinDesk is the opinion of the Crypto analyst Michaël, who also felt at $7400 and $6500 key to bitcoin.

We will remind, on the weekly chart of bitcoin for the first time in three and a half years crossed the moving averages with periods of 50 and 100, forming the pattern «Golden cross».


Team Ethereum Classic called the block number activation hard forks Agharta

The developers of Ethereum Classic agreed room block, which activate hardwork Agharta in the test and the core network.

Activation hard forks in the test network Kotti, will be held at unit 1 705 549. Roughly it will be produced on Saturday, December 14.

In the core network Agharta presumably will launch January 15 on block 9 573 000.

Hardwork has already been successfully activated in the two test networks — Morden and Mordor.

Recall Agharta update is aimed at compatibility with bloccano Ethereum.

A road map for the developers of Ethereum Classic introduced at the end of October.